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Cat has lucky escape after being saved from a scrapyard shredder

Bekky Barber and her son reunited with their cat Hope Credit: Manchester Evening News

A family cat called Hope was saved from a scrapyard shredder, thanks to animal-loving staff.

Owner Bekky Barber, 29, was unaware her pet had climbed into the engine compartment of her battered old Citroen Picasso for the 12-mile trip from her home in Wythenshawe to Trafford Park.

An employee of S Norton & Sons had the fright of his life when he opened up the bonnet and Hope flew out.

When Bekky was told she thought it must be a stray but realised it was actually her beloved pet when she arrived home and she wasn’t there.

She called the scrapyard, on Tenax Road, and staff were told to be on the lookout for Hope - and make sure she didn’t end up in the shredder! Bekky called in cat-catcher Debra Carter, who laid four traps around the yard.

Scrapyard staff checked the traps every day and, after a week, they finally found six-year-old Hope, who looked fit and well - if not a bit ‘oily’ - despite spending seven days living among the old bangers and scrap metal.

Hope is now back home in Woodhouse Park with Bekky, a dog walker who also has two other cats and a dog of her own.

Hope who stowed away in a scrapped car Credit: Manchester Evening News

“All the lads were informed to look out for a cat and double check before cars go into the shredder. Between jobs I kept going back to check. We just kept our eye on it."

– Chris Bossons, Site Foreman