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RSPCA inspector falls in love with tiny rabbit rescued from busy road

When Eddie was found he weighed 800g Photo: RSPCA

A small rabbit who weighed less than a bag of sugar has been saved from a busy bypass in Liverpool by the RSPCA.

Inspector Helen Smith first rescued the baby bunny from the side of Scotland Road two weeks ago.

She's been fostering the little rabbit ever since and has affectionately named it Eddie.

“I found him on the side of a busy bypass in Liverpool and he was far too small for his age. He was really skinny and really wet.

“Whether he escaped from a garden or was abandoned we will probably never know but he was far too tiny to be outside. A bird of prey could easily have picked him up so he was very vulnerable and needed collecting straight away.”

“Before we could have him neutered he needed to be at a good weight so we’ve been doing weekly weigh-ins by getting him to sit in one of my kitchen bowls on the scales. It made it easier to keep him still for a few seconds and he just looks adorable!”

– Inspector Helen Smith
Eddie loves cuddling up with his favourite unicorn teddy Credit: RSPCA

Eddie has been steadily putting on weight whilst in RSPCA care and is now just over 1kg, which is about the same weight as a bag of sugar. As well as sitting in bowls, he also loves cuddling up with his favourite unicorn teddy which is about four times the size of him.

Last month there were nearly 200 rabbits looking for homes across RSPCA centres, branches and fosterers. The animal welfare charity is urging prospective owners to consider adopting rather than shopping for rabbits. To re-home rescue rabbits visit