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Blind woman from Isle of Man launches online petition after being "let down" by government

Samantha wants to raise money to fund her education for Neuro-Psychology at UCLAN. Photo: Samantha Ash, Facebook

A blind woman from the Isle of Man has launched a petition to raise £10,000 for university education.

24-year-old Samantha Ash says that the island's government will not grant funding for her unconditional offer for neuro-psychology at the University of Central Lancashire.

After studying at the Royal National College for the Blind, she was diagnosed with epilepsy, which meant she had to study at home via the Open University.

She says she feels "let down" by the local government and is determined to pave the way for young blind people on the island - she was the first to be born without sight for 13 years.

It was through studying at the Open University, that I found my interest in neuro-psychology, and helping those with brain injuries and other neurological conditions.

I feel the government have failed me in a lot of areas in my life, and more awareness needs to be raised, and as well as this, the Equality Act due by 2020, is not good enough.

– Samantha Ash

Samantha has launched an online petition, which can be found here.