1. ITV Report

Quieter Outlook - Lighter winds, fewer showers

Sunshine and showers continue until the second half of the weekend Photo: SONIA BASHIR

After quite a busy week, with wet and windy or cool and showery conditions dominating the North West's weather story, it's set to settle down a little over the coming few days.

A ridge of high pressure edges in from the west, keeping weather fronts at bay and giving drier conditions with lighter winds.

Temperatures will be average at best but feel better in any sunshine, chilly by night, with perhaps some morning mist and fog.

A ridge of High Pressure edges in by the end of Saturday Credit: Met Office/ ITV


Less breezy, but staying with a mixture of sunny spells and a few heavy showers through the day. Highs 15°C.


Light winds and most places dry throughout with some sunny spells and just a small risk of the odd shower.

Feeling a little warmer by day in any sunshine. Highs up to the average at 16°C

Chilly at night with mist or fog possible and a rural touch of frost.

A mainly dry outlook, with lighter winds, Sunday to Tuesday Credit: ITV/ Met Office