1. ITV Report

Cold weekend ahead

Cold air from an Arctic quarter envelopes the UK for the weekend Photo: ITV/ Met Office


A cold arctic airmass will envelop the UK this coming weekend with frosty starts and the risk of overnight icy patches.

Bright with sunny spells by day, accompanied by scattered blustery showers, falling as sleet or snow - especially on high ground.

Temperatures will remain below average, struggling to get much higher than 5-7°C during the day whilst struggling to stay above freezing by night.

A significant wind chill on Saturday will make it feel more like freezing. Winds will be lighter and showers will ease on Sunday before cloud invades from the west later in the day.

No more significant rain for the region until the end of the weekend, and even here it will be a brief overnight spell Sunday before once again turning shower. Staying cold for the week ahead.