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NW Warnings for Snow and Ice

Met Office snow prediction for Friday. 2-5cm for the NW but 10-15cm possible for Cheshire Credit: Met Office


Showers will turn increasingly to hail, sleet and snow Thursday night. There is the chance that during the evening a more organised area of sleet/snow will come southwards across the region which could give a slight cover of SNOW almost anywhere but more especially over higher elevations.

Temperatures should hold a little above freezing near the coast but inland could drop below by the end of the night with ICE a potential hazard wherever showers have fallen.

Thursday night - Snow showers initially and then a risk of ice Credit: ITV/ Met Office


By morning the wind settles into a definite North-Westerly flow. The wintry shower feed off the Irish Sea will be aiming mainly for Cheshire and Merseyside, perhaps the odd one or two straying into Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

Away from Cheshire and Merseyside there will be a good deal of dry weather with some lovely winter sunshine, but a continuous showers feed on hail and snow is likely through Friday daytime and could result in 10+cm accumulations of across parts of inland Cheshire in particular.

Difficult driving conditions and likely for travellers and commuters on Friday. Met office warning are in place from 4pm Thursday though to the early hours of Saturday.

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Snow showers for the SW of the regions. Cold, frosty, sunny & icy further north and east Credit: Met Office/ ITV