1. ITV Report

A milder weekend with stronger winds



Drier and brighter spells for the afternoon but further outbreaks of rain and hill snow are possible. Slightly milder behind the morning sleet and snowband to 7 °C but westerly winds stronger, especially along the coast and for the Isle of Man.


Outbreaks of showery rain will continue for many through the evening with a few clear spells, but skies will cloud over through the early hours, with rain likely from the south into the morning. Drier by dawn. Lows -1°C.


Cloudy with rain possible in the early morning, but this will clear later to leave brighter skies and drier conditions. Turning windy later. Highs up to 10°C.


Overnight rain should push northeastwards and clear into Sunday. Both Sunday and Monday should stay bright with some sunshine, but heavy and blustery showers possible. Often windy, especially Sunday day and for the coastline and western slopes.