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New Liver Bird for Liverpool

Liver Bird Statue
Artist's impression of new Liver Bird

Liverpool's getting a new Liver Bird.

"The Spirit of Liverpool" is a six foot statue of the historic emblem of the city and is being erected at the entrance to Merseyrail's Central Station.

Local businesses are being invited to sponsor the new sculpture, located in what's described as the busiest underground station outside London.

12 year old heroes help woman impaled on gates

Injured woman
Catherine Taylor Credit: ITV Granada Reports

Two 12 year old girls from Partington are being praised for helping to save the life of a woman who'd been impaled on sharp metal gates. Catherine Taylor's now recovering at home after her car rolled backwards on her drive trapping her on the gates. Twelve year olds Lilly Bell and Morgan Price heard her cries for help, raised the alarm and tended to her wounds.

Girls with woman
Lilly Bell and Morgan Price Credit: ITV Granada Reports


Pianist shocked at internet success

A young man who's become an internet sensation thanks to his piano playing says he's shocked at what's happened. John Riley, who's from Huyton , was filmed playing in Liverpool. The footage was posted online and went viral. John, who works as a hospital cleaner, told Granada Reports he can't believe the response.

John gave a special performance for Granada Reports.

Cat and Fiddle biker to be sentenced

A biker who posted a video of himself driving in Cheshire will be sentenced today for dangerous driving.

The video posted online by driver Jack Sanderson shows him narrowly missing a car along the Cat and Fiddle.

He was catapulted 30 feet down a steep hill after making the decision to cut across traffic and off the road as he lost control. Police then saw the video ton he internet.

The A537 stretch has repeatedly been branded Britain's most dangerous roads.


Port of Liverpool upgrade will create 5,000 jobs

The owners of the Liverpool 2 project say the scheme will create up to 5,000 new jobs across the North West.

Peel Ports is investing £300m upgrading Liverpool Port to enable it to handle bigger vessels, gaining more business.

Bosses claim the scheme will deliver 500 direct jobs at Port of Liverpool, and 4,500 more in the maritime and logistics supply which are expected to be created over the next 5 years.

picture of port of Liverpool
The facility will enable the port to handle super-sized containers Credit: PA

David Huck, Port Director at Peel Ports said: “Employment in the maritime sector is expected to double over the next 20 years and Peel Ports is determined to play a pivotal role both in creating those jobs and ensuring the workforce has the skills we need to be successful. The whole region stands to benefit enormously from growth and investment in maritime and related sectors."

New jobs will include full and part time opportunities for stevedores, pilots, launch crew, line handlers, plant operators, haulage administrators, vessel planning and supervision staff, and work in management, accounts and commercial services. The recruitment process will get underway from 2015.

Three charged with Jonjo Highton murder

Jonjo Highton
Jonjo Highton

Police investigating the death of a Preston teenager have charged three men with murder. 18 year old Jonjo Highton died from a neck wound on Saturday, he was found by officers on St Stephen's road.

5 other men from the city remain in police custody on suspicion of murder. Owen Whitesmith, 19, Arron Graham, 22 and Craig Walton, 26 all from Preston will appear at court later.

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