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Anne Kirkbride nominated for award

Anne Kirkbride with screen husband Bill Roach Credit: PA

Coronation Street star Anne Kirkbride has been nominated for British Soap Award nearly four months after her death. The actress who played Deidre Barlow was selected for a scene where she threw a trifle up against the wall. The awards will take place next month.

Cheshire teen tweets his gratitude after Everest earthquake

19 year old Alex Sandiforth from Cheshire has tweeted to say he's safe though shaken after an avalanche during his Everest expedition.

It's believed the Nepal earthquake triggered the landslide. He' now set up a fundraising page for the victims.


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Video shows panic as an avalanche hits Everest camp

A mountaineer on Everest has posted a video on YouTube, apparently showing the moment an avalanche hit base camp following the devastating earthquake in Nepal.

The shocking footage appears to show a huge cloud of snow and rock cascading down onto the campsite from the mountain.

German adventurer Jost Kobusch posted the footage to his YouTube channel earlier today.

In the video, some of the climbers comment that "the ground is shaking" before turning around to see the huge moving wall of ice and debris descending onto their tents and engulfing them.

CAUTION: The video contains images and language some viewers may find upsetting.

Merseyside Police take 85 domestic violence calls a day

Credit: PA

New figures have revealed the worrying extent of domestic violence on Merseyside. The force dealt with 31,267 incidents in the past year or 85 a day.

Huge strides have been made to tackle the problem, but officers suspect many still suffer in silence.

Det Supt Tim Keelan, who heads up the public protection unit, said protecting Merseyside’s most vulnerable was now among the force’s top priorities.

“We do have a lot of incidents of domestic violence on Merseyside - they are huge numbers. What we are trying to do is provide the best service we can so victims can come forward in the knowledge that they will be looked after and can confide in us. People who are in abusive relationships are frequently very concerned about coming forward but, if they do, experience tells us that when they do, they get a really good service."

If you are in immediate danger from domestic abuse the official advice is to call 999. Otherwise more help can be found here

Crews tackle fire at Salford recycling plant

Fire fighters are tackling a large fire at a recycling plant in Salford.

Crews were called to JWS on Fredrick Road at 11pm last night.

Local residents are being asked to keep windows and doors closed.

The cause of the fire is unknown at this time.

Fire at recycling plant. Credit: GMFRS

In a statement, the operators of the site, JWS, said there has been no significant damage to the plant or the buildings at the site largely due to the speedy response of the fire service and JWS Staff.

Nobody was injured during the fire.

“Thanks to the immediate response of the fire service and our staff, the fire has been contained to a specific area on the site.

"JWS Waste have focused on minimising any disruption to our customers, maintaining collection services and plan to have the MRF and all services fully operational within 24 hours subject to the approval of the emergency services - a thorough investigation into the cause of the blaze has already commenced.”

– Robin Tweedale, Managing Director of JWS Waste

Church to 'offer alternative' to payday loan companies

Bishop of Liverpool Credit: ITV

A service run by the Church of England to help people with debt problems is being launched in Liverpool today.

The Church Credit Champions Network will be opened by the Bishop of Liverpool, the Rt Rev Paul Bayes, in their battle against pay day loans.

The CCCN has been set up to help churches to engage faithfully and effectively with issues of money, debt and credit in their communities.

"Desperate people have been exploited by unscrupulous credit providers locking them into a crippling spiral of debt.

"This is a concern of the church, of the Archbishop of Canterbury and of myself.

"We need a conversation and we need churches to champion a fresh moral vision the practice of credit.

"Liverpool is leading the way in being an alternative, supporting Credit Unions and most importantly helping those in need.

"I pray that our churches continue to be beacons of light and champions of justice in this area".

– Bishop of Liverpool, Rt Rev Paul Bayes


Lancashire man finishes marathon with his idol Paula Radcliffe

The pair reach to hold hands Credit: PA

A runner from Lancashire has shared a 'phenomenal' moment with the world as he held hands with his idol Paula Radcliffe nearing the finish of the London Marathon.

Rob Danson, from Kirkham, is a member of the Wesham Road Runners, put out his hand to the race record-breaker 100m before the finish line.

Th pair did it as the first London Marathon was won jointly by two men who held hands to cross the finish line 35 years ago. It was Paula's retiring race.

The pair, who hugged after crossing the finish completed the race in two hours and 36 minutes.

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Nepal earthquake 'ground felt like jelly beneath our feet'

A Cumbrian man has spoken of the terrifying moment the Nepal earthquake hit as he was leading an expedition up Everest. Chris Harling, an experienced mountaineer who is a volunteer with Keswick Mountain Rescue team, said all members of his team were unharmed.

Chris, who is from Penrith, described an 'eerie still evening' at Base Camp following the devastating earthquake Credit: Chris Harling

"Here in base camp we initially felt minor tremmors, then the ground began to feel like jelly as waves passed through the rocks beneath our feet. Climbers appeared from tents all over camp to try to start to comprehend what they were feeling. As the movement became more violent I expected the loose and precarious rocky slopes above the camp area to start shedding huge boulders - it was extremely alarming wondering if we were to be buried by rockfall. Sure enough, an area of steep cliffs did break off sending car sized boulders hurtling down only a few hundred metres from our tents. We are still feeling aftershocks hours later. Our thoughts are with any local staff working on Everest who may have been affected by losses in today's quake."

– Chris Harling in a post on his Facebook page
Chris Harling posted this photo from Everest base camp Credit: Chris Harling

At least 17 climbers have been killed and hundreds are stranded at base camps following avalanches triggered by the magnitude 7.8 earthquake which has killed at least 1,900 people. The rescue operation is continuing in the affected area amid strong aftershocks.

Climber escapes 'car-sized boulders' in Everest avalanche

A teenage climber from Cheshire has tweeted to say he's safe after the Nepal earthquake triggered an avalanche on his expedition up Everest.

More: Cheshire teenager escapes Everest avalanche

At least 17 climbers have been killed and hundreds are stranded at base camps following avalanches triggered by the magnitude 7.8 earthquake which has killed at least 1,900 people.

ITV have spoken to Chris Harling who is with the British expedition:

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