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Anyone for underwater Olympics?

Underwater tennis Credit: Bolton Area Divers

A group of scuba-divers from Bolton have taken part in an underwater Christmas Olympics.

The Bolton area divers managed to do Martial Arts, Swimming, Sprinting, Tennis, Golf,Hockey, Archery and underwater snowboarding.

Opening ceremony Credit: Bolton Area Divers

The divers even held an underwater opening ceremony.


Artwork in honour of Sir Tom

A mosaic donated to Preston North End is the latest tribute to have been made in honour of the legendary Sir Tom Finney.

Almost 12,000 tiles were used to create the mosaic Credit: Lancashire Evening Post

The tilled creation, situated in the Sir Tom Finney reception at Deepdale, was created by artisan craftsmen in Spain. It was then embedded into the wall in the reception area of the stand named after the Preston legend. Sir Tom died in February 2014 aged 91. The mosaic, which is 5 metres wide, has been created using 11,999 pieces and is a replica of ‘The Splash’ statue outside the stadium.


Campaign over 'embarrassing' Christmas Tree

The embarrasment of Mottram Christmas Tree Credit: Tim Jackson

A Facebook group has been set up to decry the Christmas Tree in Mottram - Tim Jackson who posted the photo says - In all it's glory!! Tourists are startin to turn up now it's dark!! Lol!

Other comments on the page plead for it to be taken down because it is so embarrassing.

Oh I'm so glad there is a page for this. I waited patiently and didn't complain as thought it might have just been the top of the tree and the rest was coming then when I saw Christmas lights on I nearly cried

– Rivkhah Kneen

Lee Connor says its disgraceful please come and take it down and spare us the shame of driving past it everyday.

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