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Fundraising's ups and downs

A famous showbiz sister is joining members of the clergy for an unusual fundraising challenge.

Linda Nolan is teaming up with the Bishop of Manchester and clergy from across the country to ride the Big One at Blackpool Pleasure beach. They're hoping to raise £20,000 for The Children's Society.

The Big One, Blackpool Credit: PA
Linda Nolan will ride the Big One which can reach 140 km/h Credit: PA

Money raised from the ride will go towards The Children's Society's work with some of the UK's most disadvantaged youngsters, including an estimated 3.7 million children who live in poverty.

Angler catches record breaking carp - an act of cod?

An angler from Manchester has been left reeling after breaking two world records. Warren Harrison managed to catch the biggest brace of all time, consisting of two enormous mirror carp, during a fishing trip to Hungary.

The father-of-two from Denton, said he was amazed when he landed the monster fish. He was even more shocked when he went on to catch the biggest ever common carp in history, which weighed a whopping 90lb.


Angler reels in 2 world records

William lands a monster carp Credit: William Donaldson

An angler is celebrating after reeling in a 'monster' catch which has earned him two world records. Warren Harrison, 52, managed to catch the biggest brace of all time, consisting of two enormous mirror carp, during a fishing trip to Hungary. Warren, who's from Denton, said he was amazed when he fished a 94lb and an 87lb mirror carp out of the lake, both within 24 hours.

Credit: William Donaldson

And he was even more shocked when he went on to catch the biggest ever common carp in history, which weighed a whopping 90lb, all at the Euro Aqua lake, in Hungary. Warren, who has been an angler for more than 30 years, said he was delighted with his achievement.

'Tough Mudder' raises thousands for charity

Mark in training for the event Credit: Mark Holloway

A soldier who was injured in Afghanistan has raised thousands of pounds for the Help For Heroes charity by competing in one of the most gruelling races there is. The Tough Mudder challenge in Cheshire this weekend involves battling through obstacles designed by the special forces. And Mark Holloway completed it not once but twice, raising £5000 for the charity. His next goal is an even longer circuit in the US to double that amount.

Meet the worlds biggest Bond fan

One man's passion has landed him in the record books.

When Nick Bennett bought his first Aston Martin twenty years ago it started a life long fascination - not with cars but with James Bond.

Now, two decades on, his collection has more than 12,000 pieces in it and could be worth in excess of half a million pounds.

We sent our very own Odd Job, Matt O'Donoghue, to find out more:


Leigh film buff is man with the Golden Bond collection

A Bond buff from Leigh has got into the Guinness Book of Records for having the biggest collection of 007 memorabilia.

Our own Man with a Golden Pun, Matt O'Donoghue, has been out to meet Nick Bennett.

So what's your favourite Bond film? Who's the best, or can no one touch Connery? Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page.

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The best Bond collection in the world

Film buff Nick Bennett Credit: Guinness World Records

Nick Bennett is a collector of memorabilia. A record breaking collector. And his specialist subject is James Bond. The film buff has amassed more than 12 thousand different items all connected with the world's most famous secret agent. And they are lovingly looked after at his home in Leigh.

Nick's collected more than 12000 items of Bond memorabilia Credit: Guinness World Records

His collection is so extensive Nick's made it into the latest edition of Guiness World Records. He said "It's a dream come true. As a child I read the book from cover to cover and I cannot believe that I will actually be in this year's book as an official record holder."

Nick's created a shrine at his home to house his collection Credit: Guinness World Records

Merseyside makes a Mondrian!

An exhibition of Mondrian's work is currently running at the Tate Liverpool Credit: PA

Art lovers on Merseyside are coming together today to create a 'living' masterpiece. In tribute to the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian they will form a version of his work. Tate Liverpool is staging an exhibition of the influential artist's work including a reconstruction of his studio. People wearing different colour clothes will join together to mimic Mondrian's famous graphic and striking images. They'll gather at the Pierhead at 1pm and aerial photos of the work will be taken from the top of the Liver Building.

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