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Critically endangered chicks hatch at Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo keeper handles the very rare chick Credit: Chester Zoo

Some of the world’s rarest chicks have hatched at Chester Zoo.

The northern bald ibis chicks are classed by conservationists as being critically endangered, meaning they face an extremely high risk of becoming extinct in the wild.

Northern bald ibis is classed as being critically endangered. Credit: Chester Zoo

Lead keeper Steve Williams said: “Some consider to them to be one of the zoo’s uglier species but given that they’re so rare, we think they’re real beauties.”


Loved-up peacocks causing a stir in Manchester

Peacock photo-bombs mate's selfie Credit: Manchester Evening News

A pair of loved-up peacocks are making neighbours’ lives a misery by screeching throughout the night, according to the Manchester Evening News.

The birds arrived in Whalley Range a few weeks ago and have been keeping people up during the night ever since.

Proud as a peacock Credit: Manchester Evening News

Residents, desperate for them to be re-homed so they can get some sleep, even called in the police to try and track down the owners.

Peacock displays extravagant feathers Credit: Manchester Evening News


Baby meercats take their first steps outside

Chester zoo

Five baby meerkats, born one month ago at Chester Zoo, have taken their first steps outside. The tiny newcomers made their first public appearances after being hidden away in burrows by their parents since being born on April 20.

Chester zoo

Team manager Dave White said:

“All of the pups are full of rough and tumble. They’re a real handful for mum, dad and the other adults in the mob who, between them, are doing their best to keep them in check. We should know if they’re male or female in the next couple of weeks."

Chester zoo

The meerkats come hot on the heels of other new arrivals at the zoo. A rare baby warty pig and two warthog piglets have also made their debuts in recent weeks.

Young footballer's dreams kept alive thanks to Manchester United

Joshua Almond
Joshua Almond with letter from Manchester United Credit: ITV Granada

11 year old Joshua Almond is recovering from leukaemia whilst poorly Sir Alex Ferguson wrote to him to say he was sorry he'd been unwell and the club would remain interested in him. His mother Marie, from Darwen says Joshua has been playing football since he 4 years old.

Joshua Almond
Manchester United players visit Joshua Almond in hospital Credit: ITV Granada

Manchester United’s head of academy recruitment, Mr Langley, said the door would stay open for as long as it took. He said: “We have always said to the family and to Joshua that we will always keep the opportunity open to him to have another assessment."

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