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"Hear Ye, hear ye" - town criers do battle in Chester

Some of the world's finest criers are in the North West to compete in the Chester World Town Crier Tournament. 24 criers from 10 nations will compete to make the best proclamations and come from as far afield as Germany, Australia and Canada, home of the current world champion.

Credit: PA

Town criers or the Bellmen, as they're sometimes called, date back to at least the 1500's. They were often the chief means of news communication with townspeople as many were unable to read.


Poynton hairdresser setting sights on Mr Universe

Simon at work Credit: ITV Granada

A hairdresser from Cheshire is setting his sights on the Mr Universe competition in Southport.

Simon Ackroyd, who's 45, has been a hairdresser for 30 years, and has been bodybuilding for for 18 years.

Simon compares biceps with Paul Crone... Credit: ITV Granada
But there's no competition! Credit: ITV Granada

The hairdresser has a 58in chest, 21in biceps and 29in thighs. To maintain his physique, he must eat around 4,000 calories a day, as he told Paul Crone.

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