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Watch: Help us solve a wartime love mystery

As we mentioned on last night's programme, we're hoping you can help us solve a wartime mystery.

A cherished love letter from Dorothy to airman Harry Hughes, her sweetheart, in 1945 has been discovered in a supermarket's lost property.

It was found by Stacey Adamson, who works on the check out and she's been so taken by the letter, she's determined to find the couple or their relatives.

Tim Scott has the story:

Earthworm Dave wriggles into the record books

A giant earthworm called Dave has wriggled his way into the record books after surfacing in Cheshire.

The 40cm (15.7 inch) annelid, weighing 26g, is the size of a small snake and the largest earthworm ever found in the UK.

Paul Rees from Widnes spotted the monster Lumbricus terrestris in his vegetable patch. His stepson George named it Dave.

Dave the Earthworm Credit: PA/NMH

Natural History Museum scientist Emma Sherlock, who chairs the Earthworm Society of Britain, said: "I was bowled over by the size of this worm when I opened the plastic box they sent it in. Not only is it really long, it is almost twice as heavy as any other wild earthworm ever seen, weighing the same as a small chocolate bar."

Compared with Dave, the earthworms from the Scottish island of Rum that were previously thought to be the UK's largest look positively puny.

How Dave got to be such a size in Cheshire - three times longer and more than five times heavier than an average worm - remains a mystery.


Animal mummies go on display

Credit: Jim Cook / ITV Granada

The World Museum in Liverpool is launching an exhibition on Egyptian animal mummies.

It will explore the ancient practice of mummifying animals and sacrificing them to the Gods, with specimens on display.

Animals such as jackals, crocodiles, cats and birds were often preserved. And the exhibition will also include a recreation of a subterranean animal catacomb.

Some of the exhibits on display Credit: Jim Cook / ITV Granada

Another challenge for the Prescott family

The fundraising efforts started by Steve Prescott are continuing. The former St Helens rugby league star began a series of challenges after being diagnosed with bowel cancer ten years ago.
He died in November 2013. The foundation set up in his name continues to raise funds for cancer research. Now his wife, Linzi and their son Taylor are picking up the mantle by taking on Mount Everest - to raise money for the Christie, Manchester.


Mum offers teenage son for sale

Ella and son Bradley Credit: MEN

A mum’s hilarious Facebook post about her stroppy teenage son has gone viral. Tired of son Bradley's mood swings Ella Brookbank posted a ‘free to a good home’ advert on the Wilmslow Mums' group. Mother of two Ella wrote;

“Teenager - 14 years old - but thinks he’s 32 - could pass for 4 though....... “Free to a good loving home, after all we only want the best don’t we.”

She added: “Qualities include door slamming, wearing battered looking trainers in the house, spending more time on his hair than his showers, mood swings, not having the energy to hoover his room but having the energy to skateboard.

“He is polite enough but be wary about taking him out in public - because although he is used to people, you never can tell whether he’ll have a good enough social response to any situation - a soft grunt now covers most basic conversations - followed by the dreaded eye roll.”

Ella’s ‘advert’ struck a chord with other mums...sparking of hundreds of shares and comments in response.

One other mum wrote: “Um! Same in my house, same age but different sex and double the hormones! Plus a ton of makeup just to walk the dog.”

Bradley - '14 but thinks he's 32' Credit: MEN

When I made the post public I got loads of responses. All sorts of people have shared it. It was just a bit of a laugh really but I think a lot parents could relate to it. Usually people only post about the perfect moments on Facebook and sometimes you just feel like saying, actually I’ve had a really bad day with my kids. I should say I’ve got lovely kids and that my son’s behaviour isn’t malicious or anything like that. I’m very lucky...he can just be a very moody teenager at times. I just thought I’d post something about it. Loads of other people with teenagers said they had a similar experiences.

– Ella Brookbank, Bradley's mum
'Spends more time on his hair than showers' Credit: MEN

I thought it was pretty funny to be fair. Some of my friends had sent me a Snapchat of the post. I don’t think I’m that moody though.

– Bradley Brookbank
Luckily Bradley saw the funny side too Credit: MEN
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