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  1. Victoria Grimes

WATCH: Controversial make over for Crosby's Iron Men

What is art and what is vandalism? We're asking because some of the famous iron men on Crobsy beach in Merseyside have had something of a make over. Three of the naked Antony Gormley statues have had clothes painted on them. Some residents aren't happy - blaming vandals, but others say art should be allowed to evolve.


Lucky escape for the kittens rescued from a well

Kittens rescued from a well near Southport Credit: Woodlands Animal Sanctuary

Normally Lassie finds people stuck down a well - but this time a local builder took on that role after hearing the noise of kittens in distress.

Anthony McDerby found four kittens stuck over half a metre down the well. Their eyes closed shut with infection, the kittens were covered in dirt.

Rescued kittens being hand fed back to health Credit: Woodlands Animal Sanctuary

Anthony boxed them up and immediately took them to a vets, where volunteers at the Woodlands Animal Sanctuary in Holmeswood near Southport fed them through the day and night.

The Sanctuary relies on public support and are hosting their first Wild Western Open day on Sunday 25 June, where visitors can meet all the animals and learn more about the work they do.

Rescued kittens being hand fed by volunteers Credit: Woodlands Animal Sanctuary

You can find out more about the work of Woodlands Animal Sanctuary here

  1. Rob Smith

WATCH: Musical world record broken in Blackpool

How about this for a world record.... and a musical one at that! It's to the ballroom at Blackpool Tower where Phil Kelsall is celebrating forty years of playing the Wurlitzer organ.


Hilda Ogden's curlers up for sale

Jean Alexander as Hilda Ogden Credit: ITV Granada

Memorabilia belonging to actress Jean Alexander is to go to auction, including items from her best known role, Coronation Street's Hilda Ogden.

Hilda's headscarf, curlers and pinny are just some of the items that are being sold.

They'll go under the hammer in Southport, where she lived for 23 years.

Ms Alexander died last October aged 90, and now her family have decided to put some of her mementos up for sale.

Jo Blythe helps with lambing in Lancashire

It looks like Spring has finally arrived and new life is bursting out all over the region.

Especially on farms across the North West as lambing gets well into its stride.

Jo Blythe has been lending a helping hand at one farm in Lancashire.

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