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Cat shot with airgun

Norris Credit: RSPCA

The RSPCA is investigating the shooting of cat in a Lancashire village.

The adult male Maine Coon cat, called Norris, was found collapsed with serious injuries near his owner’s home in Calder Vale earlier this month.

He had several airgun pellets lodged in his body.

RSPCA inspector Amy McIntosh says the pet was nearly killed.

“It was touch and go for a while when he was taken straight to the vet. Because of injuries to his face, it was very difficult for him to eat.

“It is by sheer luck that he didn’t suffer a slow and painful death that no animal should have to endure.”


Norris is now back home, but still hasn’t been outside after spending a week at the vets.

His owner, Martin Meighan, says it was a huge shock when the vet told them what had happened.

“We thought he might have been hit by a car, as these things happen. When the vet told us that he’d been shot though, we couldn’t believe it.

“He’d got a broken jaw and there was damage to his tongue as well, but he’s a big cat and maybe that is what saved him as he was able to drag himself back home where we found him. “Everybody around here has animals and we’re all big animal lovers, so nobody can understand who would do this, or why?”


The maximum sentence someone can face for causing unnecessary suffering to an animal under the Animal Welfare Act is up to six months in prison and a fine of up to £20,000.

The RSPCA is asking anyone with information to call 0300 123 8018

The cat suffered multiple injuries Credit: RSPCA


New arrivals are a handful for keeper at Chester Zoo

Newborn Fischer’s turacos Credit: Chester Zoo

Two tiny newborn birds are being hand-reared at Chester Zoo after they were rejected by their mum.

The Fischer’s turacos which are native to Kenya, Somalia and Tanzania are being cared for round the clock by the Zoo's curator of birds Andrew Owen.

Andrew even takes the pair home with him and uses tweezers to carefully feed them small pieces of chopped fruit every two hours.

He said:

“Encouraging them to eat does require some patience and a little encouragement but once they’ve got full tummies then they’re usually happy to nod off to sleep.

As youngsters go, other than meal times, they’ve been pretty un-demanding and I’m relieved to say they’ve not been keeping me up at night.

– Andrew Owen, Chester Zoo bird curator
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Dying mum was 'over the moon' that she said goodbye to her horse

The daughter of a woman who succumbed to cancer has told Good Morning Britain how her mother was "over the moon" that she could say goodbye to her beloved horse.

Sheila Marsh, 77, passed away just hours after nurses agreed she could be taken outside Wigan Royal Infirmary to say goodbye to her horse Bronwen.

It had been her dying wish to say goodbye to her horse, who she had looked after for 25 years.

Deputy director of nursing at the hospital, Pauline Law, said her "heart jumped into action" when she was first asked to see if Mrs Marsh could say goodbye to Bronwen.

Luckily, the team had a "perfectly choreographed plan" that helped Mrs Marsh fulfil her dying wish.

Her daughter Tina said her mother has "over the moon" and "clear as day shouting Bronwen's name".


Fresh appeal to find out who started the fire at Manchester Dogs' home

Police have made a fresh appeal for witnesses after the fire which burned down Manchester Dogs Home.

50 animals died in the arson attack eight weeks ago . So far no one has been charged.

But the response from the public in terms of donations has been staggering, with almost two million pounds raised to help rebuild the home.

Ashley Derricott reports.

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'I had a lump in my throat, I couldn't stop crying'

Jasper went missing on the 2nd November. Credit: ITV Border
Adam says Jasper is physically and mentally tired but is doing well. Credit: ITV Border

Adam Nolan, owner of Border Collie 'Jasper', has said he 'couldn't stop crying' after finding Jasper following a three day search.

He says that Jasper is 'very tired' but is doing fine.

Jasper the Border Collie was found in the early hours of this morning near Scafell Pike by a member of the public who'd gone looking for him. An appeal by his owner Adam Nolan on social media went viral when 250,000 people shared his photo.

£16,000 has already been raised for Wasdale Mountain Rescue, who managed to bring Jasper safely off the mountain.

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Lost dog found

Credit: Adam Nolan

Lost dog, Jasper, has been found after a search team went out on Scafell Pike last night (5th November).

An appeal from the owner, Adam Nolan, went viral when his Border Collie went missing on 2nd November.

It's believed 'Jasper' was found around 2.30am.

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Viral campaign reports sighting of lost dog

An appeal to find a Border Collie, that went missing at Scafell Pike, has reported a sighting of the dog.

Tens of thousands of people have offered their support on Facebook and Twitter, with many offering to help in the search.

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Owner Adam Nolan has been out searching every day since 'Jasper' went missing on the 2nd November.

In a recent Facebook post, he said 'update: confirmed sighting of BC at junction of A595 and B5344 at Gosforth. Looking promising! I'm searching area now'.

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