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Fears for Warrington seal being targeted by 'drunken fools' as it basks on the River Mersey

There are reports the Warrington Seal has been attacked by 'drunken fools'. Credit: Manchester Evening News

Police have been called in to assist RSPCA officers after reports that a seal living on the River Mersey has been attacked by thugs.

Facebook posts by people living close to the Cheshire stretch of the river have nicknamed the mammal the Warrington Seal.

But they've also raised concerns that it could be in danger after 'drunken fools' were seen throwing a stone at it.

An RSPCA spokesman said the charity was monitoring the situation.

He added: "We urge people to now keep their distance so this seal is not disturbed or frightened in any way, as this could lead to the seal getting into problems."

  • Calls about sick, underweight and injured seals can be logged with the RSPCA national cruelty and advice line on 0300 1234 999.


Escaped wallaby spotted on rail tracks near Manchester

The wallaby escaped from a nearby animal farm Credit: PA

An escaped wallaby has been spotted on a railway line, Network Rail said.

The animal was seen on the tracks between Stalybridge, Greater Manchester and Huddersfield. It is believed the creature escaped from a nearby animal farm.

Trains were forced to run slower than normal as they passed through the area until the marsupial was reported to be clear of danger.

Ross Easton, from Network Rail, said:

With summer holidays coming up, we are reminding everyone - especially kids and young people - to stay off the tracks.

However, wallabies are a new one on us. We hope the little critter will have hopped off the track and back to safety.

– Ross Easton, from Network Rai


Zoo’s new piglets named after Harry Potter characters

Hedwig, Nagini and Aragog watched over by mum Tamzin. Credit: Chester Zoo.

Three tiny warthog piglets, named after Harry Potter characters, have made their debuts at Chester Zoo.

The piglets, which have been revealed as two girls and one boy, have been called Hedwig, Nagini and Aragog in tribute to some of the animals at the famous school of witchcraft and wizardry.

The trio arrived to mum Tamzin, 7, and 10-year-old dad Magnum on 9 June after a six month pregnancy.

Now, standing at only 20cm tall, the youngsters have taken their very first playful steps outside having spent a few weeks in their den bonding with mum.

“These three little youngsters will no doubt be causing mischief and keeping mum very busy over the next few weeks as they form those vital early bonds.

"This is Tamzin’s third litter and so she’s a very experienced mum and is doing a brilliant job of caring for her new arrivals.

“It’s great to see them all outside exploring for the first time – they’re a very confident bunch.”

– Kim Wood, assistant team manager
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