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Dogs "bad behaviour" costs owners a packet

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They may well be our best friend, but their behaviour can cost us thousands. Research released by Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, has revealed that dogs with problem behaviours cost the average North West dog owner £335.88 a year, equating to £4030.56 over the average dog’s lifetime. Shoes topped that list, with 58 per cent of dog owners in the North West replacing at least one pair of shoes a month.

Credit: pa

Nearly a third of dog owners identified that their dogs displayed destructive behaviour when left alone. The charity is urging dog owners to consider getting their beloved animals trained to improve behaviour.

Hero dog "one in a million"

Border Collie Bryn

A search and rescue team dog from Cheshire is being given the animal equivalent of an OBE. Bryn the Border Collie, is receiving the PDSA Order of Merit. He's saved countless lives searching disaster sites for survivors across the world.

Bryn with rescue teams in Japan

Working with UK’s International Search and Rescue Team, Bryn was deployed to Japan in 2011 after the devastating earthquake and tsunami, and Nepal (2015) following the earthquake which killed and injured thousands. Steve Buckley is Bryn's handler.


Watch: Little lamb rescue on the banks of the River Keer

A video has emerged online of a man rescuing a lamb near Capernwray on the River Keer.

The video has had almost 2,000 hits so far.

In the video, Paul Jeffery can be seen freeing the lamb that was trapped in the river. When it leaps for freedom, it can't get into the field to join the rest of its herd.

Eventually Paul manages to catch it and puts it over the fence so it can be reunited with its family.

Paul says he didn't know his wife was filming his rescue opperation.

My wife, unbeknown to me, videoed me rescuing the lamb that had fallen in a small river while we were out walking last Saturday on the river Keer.

I uploaded it to a Facebook page as I'm a member, and my wife said others may like to see it, unbelievably it has received over 1,200 likes and comments.

I'd just like to publicly thank everyone who took the time to thank me.

I'm no hero just a normal guy who was out walking, anyone would have done the same thing.

– paul jeffery


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