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The family hoping to raise thousands to pay for dog's treatment

Boris' family have set up a crowdfunding page to fund his treatment. Credit: ITV Granada Reports

How much would you pay to save your beloved pet?

For one family from Ellesmere Port, the answer is thousands and thousands of pounds.

Their labrador Boris needs all his joints replacing and the veterinary bill is astronomically high.

So they are now crowdfunding to get the cash together;

Tim Scott went to meet them.

Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo is set to stage its biggest ever festival celebrating precious UK wildlife. Experts say that the UK's wildlife has undergone a rapid decline over the last 15 years. Recent surveys indicate the hedgehog population in Britain has decreased by 50% in rural areas since 2002.

Credit: pa

A three day festival begins today to highlight the problem.

The festival is a real celebration of how wonderful the species around us are, but it also aims to highlight the threats facing them that could mean future generations don't get the chance to enjoy seeing them.

– Manon Keir, Chester Zoo.



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