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Andy Burnham 'It hasn't been a very good debate'

Talking to ITV tonight from Manchester Airport the Shadow Home Secretary, Leigh MP and Manchester mayoral candidate said he was encouraged by the numbers going to the polls and he "Understands the concerns of the Labour voters who have voted leave" adding "I dont think it has been a very good debate, dont think it has risen to the enormity of this decision to be honest."


The EU referendum - it's over to you

The historic vote on Europe and how the north west will be at the centre of it all.

The polls for the referendum open in the morning and the result is due to be announced in Manchester on Friday.

Our political correspondent Daniel Hewitt has covered the referendum throughout the campaigning from both sides of the debate, but now its over to you.


Thousands expected as Liverpool stages the International Festival for Business

Business leaders and captains of industry from around the world are arriving in Liverpool for the city's second International Festival for Business.

Three weeks of events will take place around the city, hoping to repeat the success of the previous festival in 2014 - which the organisers say resulted 280 million of trade and investment deals.

George Osborne, the Chancellor and Tatton MP, will formally open the event at Liverpool Exhibition Centre.

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Study reveals the North West likes it businesses to be a family affair

Business owners in the North West consider themselves simply as 'grafters' Credit: Press Association.

A major study of UK businesses has found that the North West has the strongest family business tradition in the UK.

The research by AXA Business Insurance found that those in the North West are shunning the more glitzy titles like ‘entrepreneur’ or ‘pioneer’ and almost 50pc consider themselves simply ‘grafters’.

The survey of NW businesses found that the recession and austerity has bred a new type of ‘grey entrepreneur.’ Around a quarter in the region say this describes them (27%).

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