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Union welcomes new jobs at Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover plant at Halewood Credit: ITV Granada

Unions have welcomed the £200 million investment at Jaguar Landrover leading to 250 new jobs.

Unite's national officer for the automotive industries Roger Maddison said:

"Unite members have shown that they have the skills and commitment to make Land Rover the world leader that it is."

“These new jobs are an important stepping stone to the creation of more such highly skilled jobs."

“The UK car industry has gone through a renaissance in the last decade and is once again at the forefront of British manufacturing, producing high quality vehicles, many of which are exported abroad."

“The bedrock of this achievement has been the good working relationship that the trades unions and employers have built up on the industrial relations front.”

Jobs boost at Jaguar in Halewood

Jaguar Land Rover announce new jobs Credit: PA

250 new jobs are expected to be created in Merseyside at car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover. The plant in Halewood have announced plans to build a new line of vehicles called the Discovery Sport at the site.

More than £200m pounds will be invested in production. The Halewood workforce is expected to treble over the next four years.


City Deal "will create the jobs and housing that we need"

We reached this landmark deal because central government had confidence in our economic potential and our ability to deliver major projects, so it is great to have justified that confidence by being the first of the second wave of City Deals to physically start work.

By freeing Preston and the surrounding area from the shackles of the existing infrastructure we will enable the local economy to really take off and create the jobs and housing that we need.

This is a very exciting time for the Lancashire economy my as a whole."

– Edwin Booth, Chair of the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership

We know that developers and businesses want to invest in Preston and we also know that there is demand for houses from families and professionals but we have been held back because of the lack of infrastructure required to give developments the go ahead.

City Deal will change all that and developments in North West Preston and East Preston are already moving forward.

This is the biggest thing to happen to Preston in decades and will ensure that we establish long term sustainable growth which will deliver, jobs, housing and higher living standards for local people.”

– Councillor Peter Rankin, Leader of Preston City Council

We already knew South Ribble was going places, and had great ambitions for the future.

Working with our friends and neighbours in this way makes us much greater than the sum of our parts, and the City Deal is a wonderful opportunity for us to accelerate our existing aspirations for the growth of our borough.

We will be delighted to welcome new employers and residents, and crucially, we have a plan in place for doing so while maintaining South Ribble’s rural nature.”

– Councillor Margaret Smith, Leader of South Ribble Borough Council

Multi-million growth plan for Lancashire aims to deliver 20,000 new jobs

Preston city centre. Credit: Preston City Council

A £430m scheme to deliver economic growth, new jobs and homes in Lancashire was launched today.

The City Deal is a decade-long plan to create more than 20,000 new jobs and more than 17,000 new homes.

It aims to boost the local economy by £1bn and attract £2.3bn in commercial investment.

Road improvements are at the heart of the City Deal scheme. Credit: Preston City Council

Work has already started on an £8m scheme to cut congestion on the A582, a key route into Preston.

This first phase will widen the road at its junction with Chain House Lane, to provide more lanes for traffic and make it easier for cyclists to use.

Later this month sees an upgrade for the A582 north of Cop Lane to a dual carriageway with improvements to the junction with Leyland Road.


Manchester and Liverpool among most visited cities

Manchester and Liverpool are among the top five most visited towns and cities in Britain by overseas tourists.

The figures from Visit Britain for 2013 also show how London is still the magnet for overseas tourists, dwarfing all other destinations.

The Cavern Club in Liverpool, made famous by The Beatles Credit: PA


1) London 16.7 million

2) Edinburgh 1.3 million

3) Manchester 988,000

4) Birmingham 941,000

5) Liverpool 562,000

Manchester Town Hall Credit: PA

6) Glasgow 515,000

7) Oxford 456,000

8) Bristol 428,000

9) Brighton and Hove 409,000

10) Cambridge 404,000

Blackpool plane emergency passengers told to evacuate

Neil Holt was on the Jet 2 flight returning to Blackpool from Alicante. He was with his partner Nicola and their two year old daughter Olivia. He says the emergency became obvious on landing when they spotted smoke coming from the wheels.

The plane landed very fast and the pilot hit the brakes hard, we could see smoke coming from the tyres. The fire brigade arrived and we sat for fifteen minutes before the pilot told us to evacuate, evacuate. We had to slide down the emergency chute it was chaos as everyone rushed to get off.

– Neil Holt, holidaymaker from Blackpool
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