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  1. Lancashire Reporter: Victoria Grimes

Retired engineer forced to hitch hike after bus cuts

A retired engineer says he's being forced to hitch hike to get to his local pub. Duncan Foster lives in Whittington near Lancaster and used to rely on the bus to meet friends in Kirby Lonsdale a few miles away. But timetable cuts mean the village now has just one bus a day, and residents say they feel 'totally abandoned.'



Accrington Stanley 'milk' advert is back!

The LFC fan who starred in the Ian Rush mild advert that made Accrington Stanley a household name has recreated it 27 years on - but this time he’s drinking vodka.

The 1980s milk advert saw the young Scouse lad - played by eight-year-old Carl Rice - saying he's drinking milk because Ian Rush drinks it.

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He then goes on to say that if he doesn't drink enough milk he'll only be good enough to play for Accrington Stanley, to which his friend replies:

Accrington Stanley! Who are they?

– Mild advert

The recreated version is exactly the same except the now 36-year-old Carl Rice is drinking vodka.

See the original advert below.

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Pensions protest planned in Manchester

There'll be a protest in Manchester later by women opposed to perceived inequality in the state pension. The WASP group claim that changes to the system have left many women in financial difficulty. They say 95 thousand women in Greater Manchester alone are affected. Ann Edwards says its come as a real shock.

The equalisation of the State Pension age was announced over 20 years ago and rights a longstanding inequality. Women retiring today can still expect to receive a higher State Pension over their lifetime than any women before them, and 10 per cent more State Pension than men of their age because they will on average live longer.

– Department of Work and Pensions


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