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Take a tour of the Liverpool hotel with a difference

The Bridewell prison closed down in 1997 Credit: ITV News.

One of Liverpool's oldest prisons is being turned into a luxury hotel.

The Bridewell prison closed down in 1997.

It was home to thousands of the city's criminals since the late 19th century.

It's got a unique history in Liverpool and there's nothing else like it."

– Lee Darwen, Operations Director.
How the cells have been transformed. Credit: ITV News.

How village reacted when their new 'high-end' retailer turned out to be....Netto

They thought they were getting a Waitrose or Marks & Spencer Food....instead they got Netto.

People in the leafy village of Lymm in Cheshire say they feel misled after learning the Danish discount chain was to move in instead of the ''high-end'' retailer they had expected.

Mixed views in Lymm at prospect of Netto's arrival

Granada Reports has been gauging opinion in the pleasant Cheshire village of Lymm, after residents learned the ''high-end'' retailer they'd been expecting to create a supermarket there turned out to be....Netto.

Villagers angry at the Netto move have set up a petition opposing the arrival of the Danish retailer.

Residents in Lymm launch anti-Netto petition

Artist's impression of the new Netto in Lymm Credit: Picture: Netto

Residents in the Cheshire village of Lymm are so incensed at the prospect of discount chain Netto's arrival - they have launched their own petition against the move.

Several people have posted their views on the Lymm village website like this from Tracey Wilkinson: ''Lymm residents wanted somewhere local to do a full week's shopping and Netto does not offer enough choice and doesn't supply food from local producers/farmers.

''I will continue shopping out of town if this store comes to Lymm. Locals feel ignored and disappointed!''

View the petition here


Netto say they are 'looking forward' to 'surprising' residents in Lymm

A Netto spokeperson said: “We’re looking forward to bringing the new-look Netto to Lymm.

''Our new stores are a complete departure from the format that left the UK market in 2010 – offering both outstanding value, a great fresh food offer and an in-house bakery with delicious fresh Danish breads and pastries.

''We’re confident that we’ll surprise our new customers in Lymm and hope to replicate the success we’ve seen at our other UK sites.”

Many more new homes needed in North West

Less than two thirds of new homes needed in the north west were built last year. That's according to National Housing Federation figures that show only 12 000 homes were built out of the 19 000 needed to keep pace with demand. Experts warn the lack of supply is pricing many people out of owning or privately renting a home in their local area.

New homes under construction in Belle Vale, Liverpool Credit: PA

The federations report says failure to build enough homes is already pushing prices out of the reach. It estimates an annual income of at least £36,000 is needed to afford a typical mortgage in the North West.

Let them eat cake

Cake lovers and enthusiasts will be heading to Manchester for the Cake International event. The show, which is on for three days at Event City, takes in all aspects including decorating, baking and sugar craft. Some of the world's top bakers will give tips on how to improve your own cakes and there's an intriguingly titled session called 50 Shades of Cake!

Credit: PA
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