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Watch: As 'toddler-gate' hots up, we ask your opinion

It's only been open a few weeks, but the Tyme Coffee Lounge in Glossop has managed to make national headlines.

It follows a posting on its social media that mothers of small children who are having tantrums while in the cafe 'should take them outside till they can behave.'

There was angry reaction from some mums, but also a renewed debate about what parents should do when their youngsters, well, 'kick off.'


  1. Lancashire Reporter: Victoria Grimes

Retired engineer forced to hitch hike after bus cuts

A retired engineer says he's being forced to hitch hike to get to his local pub. Duncan Foster lives in Whittington near Lancaster and used to rely on the bus to meet friends in Kirby Lonsdale a few miles away. But timetable cuts mean the village now has just one bus a day, and residents say they feel 'totally abandoned.'


Protestors rally against government fracking decision

Anti-fracking protestors have demonstrated against a government decision to approve drilling in Lancashire, even after it was rejected by the county council.

Protestors say local voices are being ignored.

The gas company Cuadrilla plans to drill from the spring.

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