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An artistic celebration in Lancashire

Pendle and its twin town of Creil, a town north of Paris, are wishing each other a happy 40th birthday by exchanging two unique sculptures.

Acclaimed French artist, Joel Couloigner, is bringing the new sculpture over by lorry from Creil next week.

It will be unveiled and the name of the sculpture revealed on Saturday 6th September at the Pendle Sculpture Trail in Aitken Wood near Barley.

Meanwhile, Pendle international sculptor, Philippe Handford, will return the compliment by loading a specially created sculpture onto the lorry for the return trip for installation in Creil.

Sculptor Philippe Handford survey's his work in Pendle Credit: Pendle Council

Mountain challenge for footballers wife

Charity events are a vital way to raise money for cancer research... and all sorts of people get involved. The wife of Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany is the latest to do so. Carla Kompany was among a team who climbed Scotland's highest peak Ben Nevis. She and Rebecca Bishop from Macmillan Cancer Support talked about their adventure on Granada Reports.


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Skateboarder injures Kendal man

A man has been left with serious facial injuries after being hit by a skateboard in Kendal town centre.

The man was walking down Finkle Street on Wednesday 6th August when the skateboarder jumped off his board, causing it to fly up into the air and into the gentleman's face.

Cumbria Police is investigating and has issued a warning that "it is inappropriate to skateboard in the town centre".