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Parents "missing out" on favourite schools

Parents are missing out on their 1st choice of secondary school Credit: pa

Parents in Liverpool have seen the biggest drop in their first choices for secondary schools for their children. Government data for 2015 showed a seven per cent drop in preferred options.
A spokesman for Liverpool City Council said the reasons why included an increase in the city's population and a rise in admissions, a trend expected to continue for the next few years. And he said the conversion of independent schools to academies in 2013 has affected how parents approach their selections.



Watch: Ex-cops teach kids about crime and the law

How much should our children be taught about crime and the law, and at what age?

Former police officers from Greater Manchester are taking their message into schools, to reach pupils as young as nine and ten.

Their aim is not only to inspire the good citizens of the future, but also deliver a warning on how the law might affect them. Victoria Grimes reports from Bolton:

Children as young as 10 victims of revenge porn in North West

Children as young as ten have been victims of so-called 'revenge porn' in the North West.

Exclusive figures obtained by Granada Reports show that since a new law came into effect in 2015, there have been 500 incidents reported to police of people sharing intimate pictures online.

Shockingly, in Greater Manchester alone eight of these children were under the age of thirteen. A further 150 across the region were in their teens.

A former police officer is so worried about the problem of internet safety he has launched a new app to help protect children under thirteen when they are on social media.

Our political correspondent Joe Pike has this exclusive report:

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