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University team takes the chequered flag

Pit stop for the team Credit: University of Bolton

The University of Bolton and their partner racing team RLR Msport claimed a stunning victory to finish on top of the podium in Imola, Italy.

Competing in the LMP3 category of the European Le Mans Series, an incredible drive saw the University finish two laps ahead of its closest rival.

The victory puts the University to the top of the team classification, after two races, with 40 points. See the winners ceremony here The university runs a degree course in Motorsport Technology and Automotive Performance Engineering giving students hands-on experience on keeping a racing car in peak condition on the track.

Two students remain in hospital after taking 'Spice'

A university has issued an urgent warning after five students who took a cannabis type drug ended up in hospital, two of them seriously ill.

Lancaster University alerted its 12 thousand students last night.

It warned them if they had taken the drug known as Spice to call 999 immediately.

The drug was banned in 2009, but has become increasingly popular as a cheap alternative to cannabis.

Two 19-year-olds remain in hospital after taking 'Spice'

A joint statement has been released by Lancashire Constabulary, Lancaster University, Lancashire NHS North Clinical Commissioning Group, Lancaster City Council and Lancashire County Council:

Five Lancaster University students who were taken to hospital after taking what appears to be a new psychoactive substance, sometimes unhelpfully referred to as ‘legal highs’, are recovering.

Police were called at about 6.30pm on Wednesday May 20th following reports the students, all men aged 19, had suffered adverse effects after taking the substance, which appears to have been a synthetic cannabis substitute.

Three of the men were discharged from the Royal Lancaster Infirmary last night and two remain in hospital for observations but their condition is stable.

While full forensic tests will now be carried out to try to establish exactly what the substance was, at this stage we cannot confirm whether any criminal offences which have been committed. Many chemicals found in synthetic cannabinoids are illegal and there is no way to know what these drugs contain when purchased, or how dangerous they can be.

– Joint statement

“All our enquiries lead us to believe that this was an isolated incident confined to these five individuals and that no others are involved or have been affected.

“Thankfully these young men do not appear to have suffered any long-lasting effects but they were very ill and the outcome could have been very different. Our advice on new psychoactive substance remains that people should not take them as they will simply have no idea what they could contain.”

– Supt Peter Lawson

For further information or advice about new psychoactive substances, including ‘legal highs’, please go to the following website:

Fact File: What is synthetic cannabis?

Lancaster University has issued a warning about taking synthetic cannabis after five students ended up in hospital.

Synthetic cannabis, know as Spice, is among a number of "legal" highs made illegal in 2009.

Synthetic cannabis known as Spice is now a banned substance Credit: Press Association

Smoking spice gives the user a similar experience to smoking cannabis and can lead to feelings of relaxation or euphoria.

According to Frank, the drug advice service other less pleasant effects may include an elevated heart rate, sickness and hallucinations.

Synthetic cannabinoids were classified alongside cannabis as a Class B drug under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

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Lancaster University statement after students hospitalised

Shortly after 6.30pm yesterday evening police were called to campus following reports that five students had been admitted into Royal Lancaster Infirmary after taking an unknown substance.

The University issued a warning to students. Due to the serious conditions of the students and the fact the substance could not be confirmed as legal, officers attended the university to carry out a search of the students’ rooms.

Two of the students remain in hospital, and three students have since been discharged.

Enquiries are on-going to identify the exact nature of the substance.

– Lancaster university
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