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Jimmy McGovern calls for more working class actors

TV dramatist Jimmy McGovern has revealed that he is struggling to fill working class roles because of a dearth of actors from poorer backgrounds.

The Liverpool screenwriter, whose credits include Cracker, Hillsborough, The Street and Sunday, said that the disappearance of young, working class actors was influencing the type of dramas that are being made.

Albert Finney (left) starred in Saturday Night and Sunday Morning in 1960 Credit: PA

He told the Radio Times he would struggle to make a film like Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, as he wouldn't be able to find someone to fill the role played by Salford actor, Albert Finney.


Manchester rock star Noel Gallager slams politicians

Noel Gallagher Credit: PA

Noel Gallagher has claimed that Nigel Farage could not 'run a corner shop', never mind the country, and has predicted that Boris Johnson will be the next prime minister.

The former Oasis man dismissed David Cameron and Ed Miliband as "bozos" and "career politicians" who "don't stand for anything" and dismissed the Labour Party as a "waste of time".

In an interview with online music website Quietus, Gallagher bemoaned the current state of politics - attacking MPs for being into power rather than politics.

But despite the criticism, the guitarist revealed he would vote in May's general election.

He said:

"I'll pick the most ludicrous thing on the f****** ballot. Last time I voted for a little guy who was standing round here as a pirate. I can't not vote, because I think that's copping out, but my vote is to f****** vote for something ludicrous because the Labour Party are a f****** waste of time.

"I just don't trust - trust is not the right word - I don't believe in any of them."


  1. Caroline Whitmore, ITV News

Educating Rita is back home in Liverpool

It's an iconic Liverpool play that hasn't been performed in the city for 13 years.

But Educating Rita is set for a revival to mark its 35th anniversary.

Our entertainment correspondent Caroline Whitmore has been to Liverpool's Playhouse Theatre to speak to playwright Willy Russell and the cast:

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