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The highly anticipated three part drama about Liverpool's Cilla Black begins tonight on ITV

The drama tells the story of how she became a star in the swinging sixties. BAFTA award winning actress Sheriden Smith takes on the role of a young Cilla trying to make it big in showbusiness. Entertainment Correspondent Caroline Whitmore reminds us of Cilla's incredible story and meets the lady playing the legend on the set in Liverpool.

Cilla drama to air on ITV

Cilla Black Credit: PA

A new three part drama about the life of Liverpool's favourite songbird Cilla Black starts on ITV tonight at 9pm.

'Cilla' stars Sheridan Smith and was filmed in Liverpool earlier this year.

Sheridan Smith as Cilla during filming in Liverpool. Credit: ITV


Tom's joke appeal captures celebrity imagination

Tom Heyes who's 10 and from Ormskirk is compiling a joke book for charity and all sorts of celebrities have seen him their favourites. It's to raise money for Southport Day Centre and the British Heart Foundation, in memory of his granddads.

Our own jester Paul Crone met Tom, and you can watch the video below.

Tom putting together joke book for granddads

A ten-year-old who is putting together a joke book in memory of his granddads, has had some amusing replies from famous faces.

Tom Heyes with some jokes from famous faces Credit: Paul Crone, ITV Granada

Tom Heyes from Ormskirk has been asking for jokes from famous people, to raise money for the British Heart Foundation and Southport Day Unit.

He's had jokes back from comedians including Liverpool's John Bishop, and even had two replies from Balmoral and Kensington Palace, and even one from Granada Reports.

There's more about Tom's joke book on Facebook.

Some of the replies Tom has had Credit: Tom Heyes


Soap star helps cancer campaign secure a parliamentary debate

The former soap star Julie Hesmondhalgh, who won awards for her sensitive portrayal of cancer sufferer Hayley Cropper in Coronation Street, has helped campaigners secure a key debate in parliament.

In response to a 100,000-signature e-petition, MPs are today debating the call for more spending on research into pancreatic cancer.

Our political correspondent Alison Mackenzie reports.

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Pancreatic Cancer Campaign

Last night the nation shed many tears as Coronation street's Hayley Cropper took her life after being diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer.

It has been a controversial storyline because of the character's decision to commit suicide but it has also raised the profile of the disease known as the silent killer.

As a result of the story a widow from Scunthorpe has forged a strong friendship with the actress who plays Hayley - leading to a massive boost in her own bid to force a government debate on the topic.

Maggie's e-petition can be found here.

For advice and information on pancreatic cancer, the following websites are available:

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