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Cilla's family say No.1 album is 'perfect' tribute

A day after her funeral, Cilla Black has her first chart topping album Credit: PA

Cilla Black has achieved her first ever official chart topping album in what her family have called a 'perfect' tribute. The album called 'The Very Best Of' went to No.1 the day after stars and family gathered in Liverpool for the 72 year old's funeral.

"We have all been touched by the public's outpouring of love for our mother this week, and now to give her a number one album today is absolutely perfect. Thank you!"

– Cilla Black's family statement
Her new hit album follows Cilla Black's funeral in Liverpool Credit: itv news



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Coroner: Cilla Black died from accidental head injury

TV presenter and singer Cilla Black died accidentally from a traumatic head injury after a fall at her home in Spain, Coroner Andre Rebello ruled at her inquest in Liverpool today.

Cilla Black died at the age of 72 at her home in Spain on August 2. Credit: PA

Recording an official verdict of accidental death, Mr Rebello called Cilla a "daughter of Liverpool."

Addressing her sons Ben, Robert and Jack, who attended the hearing, Mr Rebello added: "She was your mum and her death is a private personal matter and we have all got one mum. It is right that you grieve and remember her."

"Far more important is that you celebrate her life, but your mum was far more than just your mum.

"She was a daughter of Liverpool and she was a celebrity and loved by all in Liverpool and that will be part of her abiding memory and memorial. But you will have personal, private memories of her as mum.

"It is those memories of the ordinary things she did, normal family events, the love shared and the love given, that must be her abiding memory, not just for this generation, but for each born in the future."

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