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Superpipe heads to the North West

Credit: United Utilities

An enormous pipe measuring over two miles long is due to arrive off the coast of Blackpool.

It'll be installed in a huge trench under the sea to divert floodwater away, protecting homes and beaches.

It's part of a 200 million pound scheme by United Utilities to improve bathing waters.

Here are some supersize facts about the supersize pipe:

  • 3.7km (2 miles) long and 2.5 metres (more than 8 foot) in diameter

  • 20,000 tonnes in weight

  • Carries 580 concrete collars like giant cable clips which will hold the pipe down on the seabed when installed

  • 100 people involved in transportation and installation

  • Fitted with radar collars and GPS tracking to make it visible to other shipping

WATCH: Kym Marsh slams internet trolls

Kym Marsh has criticised a person for setting up a fake Twitter account in the name of her six-year-old daughter.

The Coronation Street actress also said that the page on the social networking site was using pictures of her youngest child Polly.

With kids ever more engaged in social media and life online, it can be difficult to set barriers, and keep them safe.

Our correspondent Ashely Derricott has been speaking to internet safety expert Henry Platten, of eCadets, about the challenges of keeping children safe online.

  • For information on how to stay safe when online have a look at these useful websites:

Salford residents angry and face uncertainty about their homes

Residents in Salford say they're angry and face uncertainty about the safety of their homes as work to strip potentially dangerous cladding from nine tower blocks continues.

The council claims they'll spend tens of millions of pounds to get the buildings up to the correct fire safety standards.

They hope to recoup that money through legal action. A new cladding system is currently being tested in Dubai.

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