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Dream holiday for girl due to a stranger's generosity

A brave nine year old girl is jetting off on a dream holiday thanks to the generosity of a complete stranger. It's four years since Charlotte Crowson from Warrington was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Sarcoma. It led to her left leg being amputated. It's the same cancer that struck dance teacher Jessica Minty. So when pupils at Jessica's old school raised money for her she insisted the money went to Charlotte instead. And although the two have never met they already share a very special bond.


  1. Daniel Hewitt - Political Reporter

Nigel Farage: "Ringfence NHS spending? Forget that"

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has told Granada Reports his party will back the National Health Service and does want it to be free at the point of delivery, but would not ringfence NHS spending.

Speaking with 100 days to go until the General Election, Mr Farage said all parties need to confront the 'elephant in the room' that is future funding of health, but remained unclear over how his party would propose financing the NHS.

Girl from Bury's life changed by 3D heart

A girl from Bury has had her life changed after surgeons made a 3D printed model of her heart.

Mina Khan had a 3D printed model made of her heart Credit: ITV Granada

Two-year-old Mina Khan was born with a hole between the chambers of her heart.

To help plan the repair of the defect, doctors made a replica model of her heart, using a 3D printer. Her mum Natasha Buckley says her life has been transformed:

Mina saved by a 3D printer heart

A little girl from Bury who was born with heart problems so serious doctors were unable to repair them is now living a normal life after some innovative work from scientists. Mina Khan, who's just 2, is one of the first people in the country who's had a 3D copy made of her heart.

Doctors didn't think they could repair Mina's heart Credit: Natasha Buckley

Because of Mina's age her heart was so small it was hard to establish exactly what the problem was. So scientists took more than a 100 images of her heart, then used computer software to stitch them together creating 3D image. That meant surgeons were able to look at what they were dealing before operating - drastically reducing the time taken to carry out the procedure.


Fracking 'funeral march' in Lancashire

Cuardrilla wants to drill for shale gas Credit: PA

Anti-fracking campaigners are staging a 'funeral march' for Lancashire saying that a go ahead for the controversial procedure would amount to death for the Fylde countryside.

The fracking firm Cuadrilla has applied to explore two sites at Little Plumpton and Roseacre Wood for shale gas.

Councillors are due to make a final decision on the planning application but a report earlier this week by Lancashire County Council recommended rejecting it.

Organisers say the march will be from the stocks in the centre of Poulton Le Fylde at 10am walking to Blackpool.

Cuadrilla has said any issues raised in the report can be resolved.

Thousands of lives saved by reducing blood pressure

High blood pressure can lead to coronary heart disease Credit: pa

Reducing the nation's blood pressure and cholesterol levels helped prevent over 20,000 people from dying prematurely from coronary heart disease, according to a new study by researchers at Liverpool University. It was found that deaths from coronary heart disease fell by 38,000 between 2000 and 2007, and more than half of those saved were as a direct result of reductions in blood pressure and total cholesterol. Researchers concluded that focusing on prevention, including public health drives to improve people's diets, may have more of an impact than prescribing drugs.

Problems at Liverpool surgery require 'swift resolution'

NHS England in Merseyside have released a statement in response to a CQC inspection report that placed Dharmana’s Family and General Practice in special measures:

"Access to high quality and safe GP services for patients is our number one priority."

“Although the practice has continued to deliver acceptable levels of day to day services to patients, it is clear that the CQC review process has highlighted a series of significant organisational and operational issues which require swift and decisive resolution”.

"[We] have worked closely with the practice over the last few months to support the necessary improvements to be made and for continuity of care for the practice’s patients to be maintained.”

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