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Hospital appoints new chief executive

Tameside Hospital has a new chief executive.... Karen James took over on a temporary basis in July 2013 and has now taken up the post permanently. Hospital bosses are still smarting from a recent damning report which ordered them to make improvements in safety and quality standards.

A health watchdog found "serious shortfalls" at the hospital Credit: ITV Granada

The Care Quality Commission visited Tameside in January 2014. Inspectors found that staff had a lack of understanding about mental health law and discovered one patient who had been unlawfully detained for "several days". Karen James was brought in to turn things around at the hospital.

Tameside Chief Executive Karen James Credit: Manchester Evening News

Speaking about her appointment Ms James said "The hospital has made huge steps over the last 12 months We still have a long way to go on our path, but I am delighted to have the opportunity to play a role in getting this hospital firmly back on its feet"


Biggest ever NHS shake up in Greater Manchester

The health service in Greater Manchester is facing the biggest shake up in its history and what happens next could be rolled out across the rest of the NHS.

Those behind the proposed reforms say at the moment people are dying needlessly, and the NHS must modernise.

They want the views of 3 million people in a major public consultation.

Concern has already been raised though about the costs and the impact on some local hospitals.

Katherine Jenkins brings summer delight to Lancashire's historic Hoghton Tower. Photo Gallery.

by Rob Jaskowski

Multi platinum selling mezzo soprano Katherine Jenkins delighted thousands of spectators this weekend in St Catherine's Hospice Symphony at the Tower 2014.

Katherine Jenkins on stage at Hoghton Tower near Preston. Credit: Rob Jaskowski, ITV
The Hoghton Tower audience were treated to the incredible voice of Katherine Jenkins. Credit: Rob Jaskowski, ITV
Thousands enjoyed a varied programme supported by the National Symphony Orchestra, directed by Anthony Inglis Credit: Rob Jaskowski, ITV
Katherine Jenkins listening to the applause of the Lancashire crowd. Credit: Rob Jaskowski, ITV
Katherine announces the result on St Catherine's Hospice raffle. Credit: Rob Jaskowski, ITV
Now, is the winner in the audience? Credit: Rob Jaskowski, ITV
The National Symphony Orchestra with Katherine Jenkins at Symphony at the Tower, Hoghton 2014. Credit: Rob Jaskowski, ITV
The summer sun shines on Katherine with the National Symphony Orchestra. Credit: Rob Jaskowski, ITV
Bathed in the evening sunshine, Katherine smiles at her fans. Credit: Rob Jaskowski, ITV
The evening was punctuated with music from support vocal group Celeste. Credit: Rob Jaskowski, ITV
The crowds listen intently as Celeste perform as the sun begins to set. Credit: Rob Jaskowski, ITV
The picnic baskets came out as the music echoed around Hoghton Tower fields Credit: Rob Jaskowski, ITV
The Hoghton Tower audience being entertained while waiting for Katherine Jenkins to take to the stage. Credit: Rob Jaskowski, ITV
Flags at the ready! for the Last Night of the Proms music & the fireworks Credit: Rob Jaskowski, ITV
The firework finale on a wonderful moonlit night. Credit: Rob Jaskowski, ITV



Campers warned of carbon monoxide poisoning

Campers are being warned against carbon monoxide poisoning Credit: PA

As the school summer holidays approach Cumbria Fire Service is warning campers, visiting the Lake District, to beware the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Barbecues and petrol or diesel generators can all give off the deadly gas. And people are being warned not to bring them into caravans or tents and to carry a portable detector.

Cancer 'super hub' launched in Manchester

A new lung cancer initiative is being launched in Manchester to bring together top researchers in the fight against the disease. A 'centre of excellence' will combine skills from experts at places including the Christie and University of Manchester to come up with new treatments.

Cancer Research UK hope by drawing together world class research and medical expertise, lung cancer patients nationwide will benefit. The Centre will foster strong links with the local community, increasing awareness of the world-class cancer research taking place right on their doorstep.

“We are delighted to have been chosen as Cancer Research UK’s first Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence. By establishing the Centre jointly at Manchester and UCL, we are bringing together internationally renowned expertise across the full spectrum of lung cancer research.”

– Professor Caroline Dive, Manchester lead from the Cancer Research UK

Creating this new focal point for lung cancer research will help recruit global leaders in this field of research, adding further strength to the UK’s reputation for world class research.

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