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Charlie's Chance raises over £140,000

You might remember that on Granada Reports we've been following a chap called the cycling scouser after he pedalled 10,000 miles across 17 countries from Shanghai to Liverpool.

Andrew Rogerson then ditched his bike for his running shoes becoming the running scouser and completing 5 marathons in 5 days.

He's been raising money for a blood cancer charity and one little boy in particular.

Charlie Fearns is just 10 years old - he has leukemia and needs specialist treatment in America.

Sarah Rogers went to meet him on a very special day.

To donate to Charlie's Chance visit: Charlie's Chance


Shake up of cardiac services in Manchester

Heart surgery will be cut at Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Trust. That work will be transferred to hospitals in Liverpool.

The new proposals cover units across the UK performing both adult and children's surgery, and those providing cardiac specialist care.

Officials at NHS England believe that while units in England are safe, not all are providing excellent care.

They hope that by centralising services, outcomes for patients will continue to improve, with more patients surviving and those children born with congenital heart defects living longer into adulthood.


Steve's 50 hour 'locked in' challenge aims to raise awareness of autism

Steve is raising awareness of Autism. Credit: ITV News.

Steve Young has put his life on hold in order to raise awareness of autism and the work that the national charity Caudwell Children.

Steve's spending 50 hours in living inside a 3 x 2 metre glass box located in the foyer of a Tesco store.

He's determined to bring the disability to the attention of the general public and says living 'locked in' the box is the perfect metaphor for the condition.

And it’s the work of the charity Caudwell Children, says Steve, that has inspired him to put himself in self-imposed confinement.

Steve was inspired by the charity Caudwell Children. Credit: Caudwell Children

“If my time being ‘Locked in for Autism’ helps people to understand the needs of autistic children, then it will all be worthwhile.”

– Steve Young

Charlie's Chance fundraising page still has some way to go

Charlie with Liverpool FC hero Steven Gerrard Credit: #charlieschance

A crowdfunding page that was set up to help a boy suffering from leukaemia pay for lifesaving treatment that is only available in the USA and China has gone passed £90,000 - over 60% of its £140,000 target.

Charlie Fearns, 10, has been diagnosed with the disease for the third time, and after a bone marrow transplant in 2013 the only option left is an experimental form of treatment not available for him in the UK.

The revolutionary treatment, named CAR T-cell therapy, is a type of immunotherapy which uses a patient’s own immune system to combat the disease.

Although this type of therapy is in the early stage of research, doctors in China and America have hailed it a success, with many patients in the usually untreatable advanced stages of cancer being completely rid of the disease.A fundraising campaign named Charlie’s Chance has now been set up by his parents, raising nearly £8,000 in under 24 hours.

A post on the page reads:

Charlie has relapsed for a third time with leukaemia. There is no option left in the UK for Charlie. This little lad needs to go to America ASAP to a clinic in Seattle to have a CAR-T transplant which will cost £100,000. Please help us get him there.

Charlie Fearns' bravery has inspired the Cycling Scouser and Barrow for marrow to raise £60,000 for Anthony Nolan. It's time to help this brave little kid by giving him a chance.

– Charlie's Chance

To donate to Charlie's page visit: Charlie's Chance

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