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Watch: Pair forced to go overseas for lifesaving treatment

Two people from our region are fighting against cancer - and against time - to raise tens of thousands of pounds for treatment overseas.

Tonight, we meet two people in just that situation - both of them have been told they're terminally ill. Both are pinning their hopes on a clinic in Germany that seems to offer therapies not available on the NHS.

One of the UK's biggest cancer charities will be giving us THEIR take on overseas clinics after this report from Victoria Grimes:

Councillor speaks after firework accident involving children

Neighbours of a ten year old boy from Nelson who was injured in a firework accident say he's undergone surgery this afternoon.

The boy was playing with friends on this patch of wasteland at the bottom of Albert Street in the town when it's believed a firework exploded in his face.

He was taken to Alderhey Hospital in Liverpool by air ambulance for treatment.

Three others who were also hurt in the blast are said to be recovering at home. Councillor Wayne Blackburn from Pendle Borough Council spoke to Matt O'Donoghue:


Tackling children's mental health head on

A primary school in Salford is taking on the important subject of children's mental health. St Boniface Roman Catholic Primary School is delivering lessons to pupils of all ages revealing the science behind the workings of their own brain.

Staff at the school have linked up with mental heath charity YoungMinds. The group estimates that 1 in 3 children in every UK classroom have a diagnosable mental health issue.

By teaching children how their brains work and then giving them the tools to help it to stay balanced particularly in stressful situations, we believe we can create a generation of children who know how to manage their own mental wellbeing.

– Laura Earnshaw, myHappyMind

Our pupils report that they feel calmer and find it easier to concentrate in lessons since we introduced myHappymind. This is obviously great or the children but an added benefit is that stress levels among my staff have also been reduced as they are now finding it easier to manage classroom behaviour.

– Julie Bainbridge, Headteacher, St Boniface Primary School


Family's anger at botched operation which cost their father his life

A family has spoken of its anger after hearing how a botched operation cost their father his life.

Stuart Brunst from Aughton in Lancashire went into Southport Hospital just over a year ago for a routine operation to repair a broken thigh bone. He died from complications after surgery.

His family only found out that the trust had carried out its own investigation into its own mistakes 10 months later.

Hospital says improvements being made to treatment of stroke patients

One of the region's hospitals says it's trying to improve care for stroke patients. A report by the Stroke Association says the number of patients scanned within an hour of arrival is the lowest in the country. Prof Mark O’Donnell, Medical Director at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said they were aware that improvements were necessary.

"We are working on a number of schemes including recruitment of additional radiographers to improve our CT scanning ability and ensure more patients have treatment as soon as possible. In addition we have recently agreed to an increase in the Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist establishment in the team."

– Prof Mark O’Donnell

Stroke experts reveal 'postcode lottery'

Urgent treatment can significantly reduce the impact of a stroke, say experts Credit: PA Images

A report claims people who have suffered strokes face a worrying variation in hospital treatment according to where they live.

Almost half of stroke victims receive a brain scan within one hour so doctors can identify the most suitable type of treatment.

But among some this falls to lower than 20 per cent.

Several hospitals in the North West are named among the best and worst performers.

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Bed-blocking crisis cripples North West hospitals

Our hospitals will be in crisis by Christmas - that's the warning from doctors as winter approaches.

The National Health Service is in the grip of so called bed-blocking.

That's when patients who are fit to be discharged are stuck in a hospital bed because there's no suitable care for them anywhere else.

In some North West hospitals bed blocking has doubled in the last three years.

Figures obtained by Granada Reports show that over what should be the quieter summer months, the pressure on the NHS has got worse.

Matt O'Donoghue has this special report.

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