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Watch: Are young people with eating disorders getting the help they need

First, are doctors doing enough to help the children and teenagers who go to them, desperate for help with eating disorders?

Tonight, we hear from a young woman from Liverpool who feels seriously let down by the system.

Chantelle Mason says at first she tried to hide the signs of her disorder.

But when she eventually went to the doctors, she feels she didn't get the help she needed.

Research published today suggests she's not alone, although the body that represents GPs is tonight highlighting what it says is a lack of community support services.

Mel Barham has our top story tonight:


Special book to help dementia sufferers

Many of us will know that living with, or caring for someone with Dementia can be hard.

But now a scheme, pioneered in Oldham, is going some way to make life easier for those with Dementia and their carers as well.

Life Stories is a way of enabling people to see and understand the needs of those with Dementia.

Tim Scott reports.

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