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Brushing up on dental hygiene

Thousands of children across the North West are receiving special dental hygiene lessons after a report found a third of five year olds suffer from tooth decay.

In some parts of the region that figure is as high as 50%.

Its thought high levels of sugar in children's diets are to blame.

Dr Ben Atkins, from the Oral Health Foundation says information is available for parents who need it.


Report on Manchester Eye Hospital's groundbreaking eyesight treatment

The NHS is offering new hope for people who suffer from a condition which is the biggest cause of sight loss.

It's called Age-related macular degeneration - known as AMD - can leave sufferers with a blind spot and blurred vision.

It can start when people are in their forties. And the revolutionary treatment effectively involves fitting a mini telescope into the eye.

It's being offered for free at the Uk's second largest eye hospital in Manchester.

Sarah Rogers has been there to find out more.

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