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WATCH: Race against time to help little twins walk

It's a race against time to help little Jack Hickey walk. He and his 4 year old twin Luke from Liverpool have cerebral palsy and could face life in wheelchairs.

Their parents have managed to raise 50 thousand pounds towards the cost of their operations.

Doctors have already given Luke the go ahead for surgery in the next few weeks as he's physically the stronger.But now the family need to raise another 50 thousand before Jack's condition deteriorates.

The procedure known as SDR is only available privately in this country. They've been talking to our correspondent Rachel Townsend


Under 30's urged to drink less

Under 30's are being advised to cut back Credit: GTV

People under 30 are being encouraged to drink less in a new scheme being launched on Merseyside and in Cheshire.

Organised in co operation with Merseyside Police it aims to cut drink related illness and disorder. It is an extension of an initial scheme which has been run in Liverpool since 2015, and covers areas across the Wirral, Cheshire and Merseyside.

Experts are advising young people to cut back on 'pre-loading' before they go out and on drinking in pubs and clubs.

This is about reducing the strain on public services such as the police, ambulance staff and hospitals at a time when they are already under massive pressure.

We know that many people travel into the city from surrounding areas so it makes sense to spread the message about DLEM more widely.

– Councillor Paul Brant, Liverpool City Council

Drink Less Enjoy More isn't aimed at those who drink responsibly - it's there to help identify the minority of people who have had too much alcohol and could end up being a danger either to themselves or others.

People need to ask themselves whether they want their night to end early because they've been refused entry to a bar due to them having consumed too much alcohol too early. Drink sensibly and enjoy your night out with friends otherwise you may ruin their night out too if they have to take you home early.

Merseyside Police is committed to reducing violent crime and making the streets safe and the continuation of this initiative with our partners should help to make Liverpool and our surrounding towns even safer places for locals and visitors alike to enjoy a night out.

– Superintendent Mark Wiggins, Merseyside Police

Independent report says Liverpool Women's Hospital should move into city centre

Credit: ITV Granada

An independent report has recommended that Liverpool Women's Hospital should move from its current base into the city centre.

Medical bosses argue they need more specialists on-site to provide critical care for patients.

Campaigners say the move will put babies at risk and at a cost of around 100 million pounds.

Rise in calls of domestic abuse against children

The NSPCC are taking more calls of domestic abuse against children Credit: pa

The NSPCC made 510 referrals to child protection agencies in the North West in 2016 following reports to the charity's Helpline of children being affected domestic abuse.

Callers were seeking guidance from the NSPCC’s trained advisers after witnessing distressing things such as visible bruises, parents being hospitalised, children being exposed to rage and rough handling, and aggressive behaviour towards parents of young babies.

Credit: pa
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