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IoM abortion reform passes major stage

Dr Alex Allinson in the House of Keys today. Credit: Helen McKenna, ITV

Plans to reform abortion law on the Isle of Man have passed a major hurdle in the House of Keys.

Parliament held its second reading to discuss proposals today for reform, which would mirror the law in the UK.

Efforts to form an investigating committee - which some MHKs feared would delay the reforms for more than a year - were defeated eighteen votes to five.

It'll now go through to the amendment stage.

At present, abortions can only be carried out on the Isle of Man if a pregnancy is the result of rape or because of mental health concerns under the Termination of Pregnancy Act 1995.

Members of the House of Keys debated the decision of taking the Bill to a committee for two to three hours - Chris Robertshaw led the motion but was unsuccessful.

Let us now seize the opportunity to move forward with a piece of legislation fit for our society, our island, and our century.

– Dr Alex Allinson MHK


Pro-life group return to IoM in lead-up to abortion reform talks

Tynwald Parliament buildings in Douglas. Credit: ITV Granada

UK pro-life group Abort67 have returned to the Isle of Man to protest outside the government buildings in Douglas.

Despite complaints by some residents, the group aim to highlight their views while the House of Keys discusses abortion law reform this month.

The group have said they will be on-island until January 24th and wear body cameras to deter threats from locals.

MHK Dr Alex Allinson has spent a year working on proposals for a new abortion Bill, updating the current Termination of Pregnancy Act 1995.

WATCH: Desperate mum begs doctors to help her daughter with cannabis oil

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A desperate mother is begging doctors to treat her two-year-old daughter who suffers 100 epileptic fits a day with cannabis.

Her mum, Jenna Heary, wants doctors to trial a cannabis oil treatment on her daughter, Olivia, who has a severe form of epilepsy which left her unable to walk.

The family from Preston are determined to give Olivia a better quality of life

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Take our poll: should hospitals stop selling sugary snacks?

A hospital in Greater Manchester has become the first in the country to go "sugar free" in its canteen and vending machines.

Tameside has banned all sugary snacks, and the only drinks available are tea, coffee, milk and water.

But what do you think of the idea? Should hospitals set a good example, or do hardworking NHS staff need a sugar fix?

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NHS warn flu sufferers to avoid A and E

The NHS has issued a health warning to stay away from A and E departments if you have the flu, as the winter pressure continues in our hospitals.

Across the country, in the last week of 2017, 24 people died from flu-related conditions.

But those with flu-like symptoms in our region are being warned they are adding to the pressure on already overstretched A and E departments.

People with flu symptoms urged to stay away from region's A and E departments

Eligible people are being urged to have a flu vaccination Credit: David Cheskin/PA Wire/PA Images

As the winter health crisis continues those with flu-like symptoms in the region are being urged to stay away from hospital, as people suffering from flu are adding to the pressure on A&E departments.

Across the country, in the last week of 2017, 24 people have actually died from flu-related conditions.

A GP from Failsworth in Greater Manchester, Dr Zahid Chauhan, says that people who believe they have flu should think twice before attending A and E.

  1. Dan Hewitt Political Correspondent

WATCH: Operations postponed due to pressure on hospitals

Shocking stories have emerged from some of our region's hospitals as staff struggle to cope with huge pressures on the NHS. One woman said she thought she was going to die when she was kept waiting for 10 hours on a stretcher in a corridor - with 21 other patients in a queue in front of her. The Health Secretary is apologising after NHS England told hospitals all around the country to postpone around 55,000 operations to ease the demand on A&E departments.

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