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Hi tech unit to help in fight against breast cancer

Construction of a new high tech breast care unit is under way in the Isle of Man. More than a million pounds has been raised by the Manx Breast Cancer Support Group to build the new facility at Noble's Hospital. Over a hundred people on the island were diagnosed with breast cancer last year. The dedicated unit will mean both screening and treatment can take place under one roof. Julie Stokes, from the support group said the unit will benefit many people.

Hospice cafe gets celebrity launch

A new cafe and community hub is opening in the grounds of St Catherine's Hospice in Lostock Hall, Preston. And Good Morning Britain and ITV News presenter Ranvir Singh will pour the first cup of coffee in the cafe. The Mill, as its called, will provide information, therapies and support for families facing serious illness. The idea is to help people help themselves and each other to live more comfortably and independently.

ITV news presenter, Ranvir Singh Credit: ITV

Parents anger with ambulance service after daughter choked to death

The parents of a six year old girl who choked to death on holiday in North Wales have spoken of their shock and anger that the ambulance failed to reach her more quickly.

Jasmine Lapsley from Liverpool was staying with her family in the North Wales resort of Morfa Nefyn when she started choking on a grape. It took the Welsh Ambulance Service half an hour to get a paramedic to her - by which point she couldn't be saved.

Ambulance chief apologises for distress and trauma

Tracy Myhill, the Chief Executive of the Welsh Ambulance service said the emergency services have a 'complex system' for responding to incidents. She said "I unreservedly apologise for the distress and undoubted trauma that the Lapsley family would have experienced."

According to the Welsh Ambulance Service the First Responders were the first to arrive at the holiday home after six year old Jasmine choked on a grape - they were followed by two emergency vehicles. Despite two ambulance stations nearby, it still took the paramedics more than fifteen minutes to arrive.

Kathleen Lapsley says her daughter was still responsive at around fifteen minutes and believes 'she would still be here' if the response team had been quicker.

There is currently a investigation taking place into the delayed response by the Welsh Ambulance Service.

Tracy Myhill gave this assurance "We will get to the bottom of what happened there in terms of the time that it took to get the appropriate response to that family."


Parents waited for 30 mins for paramedics as six-year-old girl choked

The father of a six-year-old girl who choked to death while on holiday in Wales has told ITV News that a first responder was unable to help his daughter Jasmine and by the time paramedics arrived she was unresponsive.

Bereaved father Robert Lapsley questioned why a Sea King helicopter was not despatched sooner given how serious the case was.

Mr Lapsley has has accused the ambulance service of not responding quickly enough, despite knowing how serious the incident was.

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