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WATCH: Meet Ted, the song-a-minute man

Ted McDermott from Blackburn spent years performing in clubs and as a redcoat at Butlins. Ted is only now releasing his first album..and at the same time dealing with alzheimers. He and his son became an overnight hit loved by all who saw them singing their hearts out on social media.


Consultation under way over future of Shire Hill Hospital in Glossop

Credit: ITV Granada

A hospital in the the Derbyshire town of Glossop may be set to close.

Shire Hill Hospital provides beds for people coming out of hospital who still need care, or need to stay overnight to avoid hospital admission. But a consultation's underway which could see that Intermediate Care moved to neighbouring Tameside Hospital.

The local Clinical Commissioning Group says it will improve care and access to care.

Tim Scott's been talking to residents who disagree.

Hospital told to improve children's services

Hospital watchdogs say that a hospital in Wigan must improve the safety of some services. The Care Quality Commission highlighted concerns at Royal Albert Edward Infirmary. They say improvements must be made in children's care and urgent and emergency services.

Royal Albert Edward Infirmary Credit: ITV Granada

Although there were some improvements made since a previous comprehensive inspection in June 2016, CQC found further improvements were needed in the safety of both services.


Hospital to boost genetic testing for newborn babies

Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust will be able to screen all infants.

One of the UK's largest women's hospitals is to increase its ability to genetically test newborn babies 12-fold.

Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust will be able to screen all infants for inherited conditions or illnesses and plan for early treatment as part of a major new IT project.

It will also contribute to a major population health programme in Liverpool analysing genetic information by location, identifying and enabling work to prevent localised health issues.

IT firm Novosco will introduce the computing system.

Novosco managing director Patrick McAliskey said: "We are delighted to secure this contract which will enable the trust to take genetic testing to the next level and play an important role in the identification and prevention of conditions and illnesses in new-born babies and the wider population."

This role of genetics in healthcare is one of the most rapidly expanding areas of development for Liverpool Women's.

It provides a regional clinical genetics service based at Alder Hey Hospital, covering a population of around 2.8 million people from across Merseyside, Cheshire and the Isle of Man, chief executive Kathryn Thomson posted on the trust's website.

She added: "To discover that you or any child you have or plan to have may be at risk of a genetic disorder which could cause disability or a rare condition is traumatic.

"People are sometimes shocked and anxious and wonder what the future might hold.

"They need as much information and support as possible to help them cope.

"That is why the often unsung work of our clinical genetics team is so important, providing diagnosis and supporting families when they need it most."

Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust specialises in the health of women and their babies - both within the hospital and in the community. It is one of only two such specialist trusts in the UK - and the largest women's hospital of its kind.

Novosco is an IT infrastructure and managed cloud computing company and employs over 150 people. It has its headquarters in Belfast, with offices in Manchester, Dublin, and Cork.

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