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The colourful display of umbrellas helping to raise awareness about ADHD and autism

The umbrellas are raising an important message about ADHD and autism Credit: ITV Granada

If you've been out and about in Liverpool over the past few weeks, you might have seen the strikingly colourful display of umbrellas near the Bluecoat building.

It's become one of the most tweeted and instagrammed locations in Liverpool - but the brollies are raising an important message about ADHD and autism.

Our Merseyside correspondent Andy Bonner has been to take a look.


Mersey Care NHS Trust vow to make improvements after man carried out long-held threat to kill parents

Credit: ITV Granada

A mental health trust is vowing to make improvements after a man, who thought he was being controlled by a spaceman, carried out a long-held threat to kill his parents.

Timothy Brown contacted doctors the day before stabbing Paul and Dorothy Brown to death, but Mersey Care NHS Trust assessed he couldn't be detained.

He's now in a secure mental health hospital after pleading guilty to manslaughter.

Mr Brown has since told investigators he was unstable and should have been sectioned.

“We would like to express our deepest sympathies to the family and others affected by these tragic events.

“NHS England is committed to the delivery of high quality care for all patients and commissioned an independent investigation to look into all the issues surrounding this person’s care and treatment.

“The report acknowledges the significant number of changes that have been made by the mental health trust since this happened and the recommendations will help the whole of the NHS to ensure services for patients are improved.

“We will continue to work with Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust and NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group to make sure that the key recommendations and action plans arising from the investigation have been implemented and have resulted in an improvement in the care being delivered to patients.”



The boy who could not stop drinking

Zach Tierney has the kidneys of an 80-year-old. Credit: MEN Media

A boy of six who was always thirsty was found to have a condition that has given him the kidneys of an 80-year-old.

Zach Tierney, from Offerton, was diagnosed with renal dysplasia following tests last Christmas and will need either dialysis or a transplant before he reaches puberty.

His family had decided to seek medical advice after noticing Zach could not stop drinking.

They eventually learned his kidney function was at just 25 per cent, a level generally found in people over 80.

Now the family want to raise funds and awareness for Kidney Research UK and say it does not get the same profile as charities for other diseases.

“I’m a nurse so I had a feeling something was not quite right with him. He was thirsty all the time.

“We would find him in the bathroom in the middle of the night drinking from the tap and he wasn’t growing as much as his peers.

“It is a scary disease as you don’t know anything about it before it’s too late. But he is a cheeky little boy who talks about his kidneys as if they are people inside him.

“He’s very brave and resilient and interested in what is going to happen to him in future.”

– Michelle Tierney, mother.

The family held a ladies night at their home, on Hempshaw Lane, on Saturday to take their fundraising for Kidney Research UK to around £2,000.

Zach can currently still lead a relatively normal life, but once his function drops below 20 per cent, he will be unable to do things other youngsters take for granted.

The family has thanked everyone who has helped them with the fundraising and made donations.

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