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Thousands of lives saved by reducing blood pressure

High blood pressure can lead to coronary heart disease Credit: pa

Reducing the nation's blood pressure and cholesterol levels helped prevent over 20,000 people from dying prematurely from coronary heart disease, according to a new study by researchers at Liverpool University. It was found that deaths from coronary heart disease fell by 38,000 between 2000 and 2007, and more than half of those saved were as a direct result of reductions in blood pressure and total cholesterol. Researchers concluded that focusing on prevention, including public health drives to improve people's diets, may have more of an impact than prescribing drugs.


Problems at Liverpool surgery require 'swift resolution'

NHS England in Merseyside have released a statement in response to a CQC inspection report that placed Dharmana’s Family and General Practice in special measures:

"Access to high quality and safe GP services for patients is our number one priority."

“Although the practice has continued to deliver acceptable levels of day to day services to patients, it is clear that the CQC review process has highlighted a series of significant organisational and operational issues which require swift and decisive resolution”.

"[We] have worked closely with the practice over the last few months to support the necessary improvements to be made and for continuity of care for the practice’s patients to be maintained.”

Two NW surgeries at risk of closure over safety concerns

NHS inspectors have put two GP surgeries into special measures in the North West.

It's the first the Care Quality Commission has taken the step, and it comes amid concerns patients’ safety was being put at risk.

“Significant areas of concern” were found at Dr Michael Florin's surgery in Sale, and Dr Srinivas Dharmana’s family and general practice in Walton, Liverpool.

They are the first surgeries to be told to make major improvements urgently or risk being shut altogether by the NHS care watchdog taking away their licence to operate.

  1. Adam McClean, ITV News

A UK first: 'electronic ears' change the way the world sounds to Sophie after a lifetime of deafness

A young woman from Bury is hearing properly for the first time in her life.

Sophie Aldred has a condition called 'glue ear' that means her ears have always been blocked by fluid.

Sophie hasn't been able to use hearing aids because they'd cause infections.

But now she's become the first person in the country to receive two bone-conducting electronic ears, as Adam McClean reports:


  1. Matt O'Donoghue - Correspondent

North West health experts fighting to bring suicide figures down

According to the latest figures, our region has the highest rates of suicide in the country.

More than 700 people have taken their own lives in the last 30 years. But here in the North West health professionals are fighting to bring those figures down.

The Mersey Care trust has adapted ideas from the American city of Detroit to try to stem the tide of suicides by providing more specialist care to people at risk.

Today - they launched a campaign here in the North West which they hope will be adopted to save lives across the country.

Family's warning over daughter's drug death

The family of a young woman who died of a heroin overdose are warning that hard drugs are still too easy to buy on the streets of the North West.

Leanne Johnson from Bolton was 26 and had trained to become a hairdresser.

But her life was taken over and destroyed by her addiction to hard drugs - an addiction that even led her to turn to prostitution to feed her habit.

Salford has worst record for cancer caused by obesity

Salford has been named as having the worst record in the country for cancer caused by obesity.

And it's estimated that well over half of us in the North West are either obese or overweight.

But there are people out there working hard to educate us about healthy eating and lifestyles.

And to mark National Obesity Week, Tim Scott visited one programme in Salford, which is helping people get active and make healthy choices:

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