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10,000 new homes needed every year to tackle North West housing shortage

It's been estimated that 10,000 new homes need to be built every year in the North West to keep up with the growing population. While new research says house prices in Manchester are likely to increase by more than a quarter over the next four years as supply struggles to meet demand. Ed Harris is a self employed barber in Manchester. He and his partner are finding it impossible to get on the housing ladder.


  1. Daniel Hewitt

Father's joy as NHS approves drug for 6-year-old son with ultra-rare, life-limiting illness

The moment you meet six-year-old Aydin Bukhari, you know he is a very special little boy.

Funny, witty, charming - like most children his age is full of energy and life. Yet Aydin is not like most children. He has an ultra-rare, life limiting condition. Morquio Syndrome affects just 88 people in England, the average life expectancy is 26 years of age.

For three years Aydin, who lives in Manchester, took part in clinical trials to develop a drug that keeps him mobile and healthy, but last year the NHS warned it could be withdrawn because it was too expensive.

Now though the drug has been approved, much to his family's relief.

Daniel Hewitt reports:

Prince Charles to visit flood damaged villages

Heir to the throne pulls a pint Credit: PA: Images

The Prince of Wales is to travel North today to visit businesses in Cumbria.

The heir to the throne will see how communities are coping with the aftermath of Storm Desmond which left thousands of homes and businesses under water.

Parts of the county were deluged when an entire month's rain fell in just 48 hours.

Family joy as drugs give 'childhood back' to sick boy

NHS agrees to fund lifesaving medicine Credit: ITV Granada News

The family of a six year old boy from Manchester are celebrating after the NHS has agreed to pay for his drugs.

Aydin Bakari from Chorlton has a degenerative disease called Morquio Syndrome. In July his medication was withdrawn following a three year trial. But he's been told the health service will now foot the bill.

Vimzin - which is the only treatment available - costs £395K per patient per year.

10,000 people desperate for debt advice in the North West

The average debt of those requesting help was £13,053. Credit: PA

More than 10,000 people in the North West called a debt helpline in the first half of this year, desperate for advice on their finances.

Figures released by the StepChange Debt Charity show at least 1 in 5 people are now in financial difficulty. The average debt of those who asked for help was £13,053.


Police warn against using loan sharks

Poster campaign warns of dangers of using loan sharks Credit: GMP

Greater Manchester Police are warning people not to use loans sharks if they're struggling to afford the cost of Christmas.

An estimated 310,000 households across the country are in debt to a loan shark, and the force says with Christmas approaching there are fears more people will be targeted. 20% of victims in previous cases took out a loan to pay for Christmas.

During the week of activity, police and partner organisations will visit schools and community centres, as well as holding special educational events across the region to raise awareness of loan sharks, and provide people with alternatives and assistance if they are struggling financially.

A poster campaign will warn against using loan sharks in areas where they are known to have been operating. Police are also promising enforcement action to take loan sharks off the streets.

“Loan sharks usually appear helpful at first, but they quickly trap their borrowers into spiralling debt. As the debts can’t be legally enforced and claimed back through the courts, many lenders will resort to the most extreme tactics to enforce repayment including threats, violence and intimidation.

"These people create fear and anxiety, and exploit vulnerable people with their savage debt collecting system. They often play a key role in funding organised crime groups and that is why we are working with partners to find them, and stop them.

"By taking these lenders off the streets we are effectively removing the funds they have to fund other criminality or illegal possessions such as firearms or drugs. I want communities to know that they do not have to live in fear – speak out and we will act immediately on any information received."

– Detective Chief Superintendent Russ Jackson
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