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Isle of Man Euromillions winners celebrate victory

A father from the Isle of Man who dreamt he would win the lottery has watched his dream come true.

Phillip and Joanne Poultney won £1million Credit: Helen McKenna, ITV Granada

Phillip Poultney from Braddan went to his local supermarket to find out he'd won the Euromillions draw last Tuesday.

It was only when he double checked and saw all of the zeros, he realised he'd won £1million.

Phillip said he and wife Joanne are determined to not let the money go to their heads and continue bringing up their son and two daughters in a normal environment.


What's bringing Chinese investment to the North West?

What impact is Chinese investment having in the North West?

Following President Xi Xinping's historic visit last year, Chinese investors have began to pour billions into Manchester.

But, as more and more Chinese citizens buy property in the city, there are concerns rents will rise and outprice locals.

Our political correspondent Daniel Hewitt has been investigating:

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