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Anderson bids to become mayor for Merseyside

Joe Anderson, the current mayor for Liverpool is announcing his bid to become the metro mayor for Merseyside. Its a post which will oversee around £900m of public services across Merseyside and Halton under any devolution deal.

Mr Anderson will be looking to get the Labour nomination. Currently his main competition comes from MP Steve Rotherham, the member for Walton.

The Wavertree MP, Luciana Berger has also indicated she might be interested in the role. Voters will decide in May 2017. Mr Anderson has been Liverpool's elected mayor for four years and believes that experience will be vital.


  1. Daniel Hewitt, Political Correspondent

Manchester Mayor hopeful Ivan Lewis promises fare freeze until 2020

Metro Mayor hopeful Ivan Lewis has told Granada Reports he will freeze all bus and Metrolink fares across Greater Manchester until 2020 if he wins in 2017.

The Labour MP for Bury South has also promised reduced fares for young people to support travel to study, apprenticeships and work, as well as a publicly-owned, publicly-controlled Greater Manchester Bus company which could bid for some or all franchises.

That latter promise is currently prohibited by government legislation, but Mr Lewis says he will use his position as Mayor to attempt to overturn rules blocking a publicly-owned transport system.

Ivan Lewis is in the race to become the Labour Party nominee for the position of Mayor, along with Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd and Shadow Home Secretary and Leigh MP Andy Burnham.

"It is frankly a scandal that successive Governments including the last Labour Government failed to give us the same powers to regulate bus services as in London," said Mr Lewis.

"For decades the people of Greater Manchester have been denied the right to have a fully integrated public transport system because of free market ideology and vested interests. Of course, we are very proud of our Metrolink, light rail system in Greater Manchester which was developed as a result of the vision of local council leaders, often in the face of opposition from the Department of Transport.

"But the financial arrangements which have made this possible are also flawed with the result being excessive fares, too many areas still without a service and a debt burden."

EU Referendum: Where does our money go?

How much does it cost to stay in the European Union, and is it worth it?

The UK sends £350 million a week to Europe - but one city that's been transformed by the £190 million of what comes back is Liverpool.

According to those who think we should stay in the EU Liverpool has received around £2 billion pounds of EU cash for everything from hospitals to the city's Tate Museum.

But those who want us to leave the EU say it's British taxpayers money, and it would be best spent by British politicians.

Our political correspondent Daniel Hewitt goes back on the road one more time.


EU Referendum: What would Brexit mean for business?

What's the link between asparagus, Manchester Airport and London Routemaster Buses?

The simple answer is they all play an important role in the economy of the North West.

But here's another question....will our region's economy be better off if we stay in or leave the EU?

To find some answers, our Political Correspondent Daniel Hewitt's climbed back into his classic Vauxhall Chevette to go back in time to 1975 - the last time we had a vote on Europe.

Andy Burnham - the new Tony Wilson?

Leigh MP Andy Burnham launched his campaign to become mayor of Greater Manchester by promising, among other things, to revitalise the once-great Manchester music scene.

He called Tony Wilson as one of heroes, and praised the former Granada Reports presenter for giving young bands across the region a platform on Granada Television back in the 1980's.

But how does he plan to emulate his hero in 2016? Our Political Correspondent Daniel Hewitt went to find out.

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