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  1. Daniel Hewitt - Political Correspondent

Wallasey Labour Party Vice-Chair strongly denies bullying allegations

Our political correspondent Daniel Hewitt has been speaking to Wallasey Labour Party Vice-Chair Paul Davies. He strong denies allegations of bullying and intimidation following the CLP's suspension by party bosses.

  1. National

Angela Eagle is supporting Owen Smith to 'unite Labour'

Angela Eagle said she is backing Owen Smith in his bid for Labour leadership in order to unite the Labour party.

Owen Smith has received 88 nominations from Labour MPs and two from MEPs in the party's leadership contest, therefore clearing the hurdle of 51 nominations to become a candidate.

We have a Labour party at the moment that is not working. We have got a leader that does not have the confidence of his MPs and is not reaching out to the rest of the country. We need to have a strong and united Labour party so we can be a good opposition, take the fight to the Conservative government and heal our country.

– Angela Eagle
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