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If they privatise the NHS is it such a big deal?

YouTuber Leena (aka justkissmyfrog) believes a basic health service is "a given for any society claiming to be civilised."

In her policy video for Leaders Live, she worries that privatisation of the NHS will lead to "survival of the richest" and pledges to grill political leaders on why "even scraping the top of NHS funding ever even entered their minds".

What will you ask political leaders when they tackle young people's questions in a series of live streamed Q&As on YouTube?


  1. Daniel Hewitt - Political Reporter

No agreement reached over elected 'Mayor for Merseyside'

Barrie Gronewald says no agreement has been reached over the idea of an elected Mayor for Merseyside Credit: St Helens Council

Despite reports that six Merseyside councils have agreed to a directly elected mayor for the region, St Helens council have told me they have not signed up to that proposal.

Council leader Barrie Gronewald says it has 'only agreed to open discussions' on the issue of devolved powers to the Liverpool region and 'many governance models will be examined'.

He says he will go into the discussions with an 'open mind' but said the proposal for a directly elected for Merseyside had not been agreed. Cllr Gronewald said "one size doesn't fit all".

Liverpool, Sefton, St Helens, Halton, Wirral and Knowsley councils have agreed to begin negotiations with central government over devolving more powers to the region.

Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson has previously expressed his enthusiasm for the idea of a directly-elected mayor for the whole of Merseyside.

Liverpool makes bid for more devolved powers

Members of Liverpool City Region’s Combined Authority have agreed to call on the government to start immediate discussions for the devolution of significant powers to the region. The 5 Council Leaders, Mayor of Liverpool and the Chair of the LEP met with Lord Heseltine and Lord Adonis in Liverpool yesterday to discuss devolution, following the recent announcements of progress in Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield.

The group agreed to approach central government as a matter of urgency with the intention of beginning discussions on devolving powers to the region.

Liverpool skyline at night Credit: @amsterdam

This meeting was very constructive. Agreement was reached between me, the other Leaders of the constituent local authorities, the Mayor of Liverpool and the Chair of the LEP to approach Government and ask for the kind of rapid progress towards devolution that we have seen for Manchester, and that is beginning to take shape in other northern regions.

Momentum is gathering for City Region devolution, and we are agreed that Liverpool and our City Region needs to be at the forefront of the debate

– Councillor Phil Davies, Chair of the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority

Claim of "huge rise" in cancelled operations

Credit: PA

Labour says there's been a huge increase in the number of operations in the region cancelled on the day.

They claim that in the Greater Manchester area it's increased by 45% compared to the same period last year.

And they say on Merseyside there's been a 30% increase.

Thousands of patients face the indignity of having an operation cancelled at the very last minute.

Meanwhile it’s getting harder to see your GP and A&Es are struggling more than at any point for a decade too."

– Andy Burnham MP, Labour's Shadow Health Secretary.
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Labour MP: 'I am worried Wanless was set up to fail'

NSPCC chief Peter Wanless may have "been set up to fail" because he has only had six weeks to investigate what happened to crucial documents in an alleged child sex abuse scandal which have been "lost or destroyed".

Simon Danczuk told Good Morning Britain: "I've talked to experts who carry out these types of reviews using digital technology who say you would need about six months to go through 20 years of documents."


Report into child abuse claims - statement from Home Office this morning

Home Sec Theresa May Credit: PA

A report into how police handled sex abuse claims in the 1980's is expected to reveal it's failed to find the missing documents that prompted the inquiry

The report centres on concerns the authorities did not act on information passed to them by the then Littleborough and Saddleworth MP Geoffrey Dickens about a possible paedophile ring in Westminster.

The Home Office had previously said the so-called Dickens dossier had been destroyed. A statement is expected from the Home Office at 9.30 this morning

  1. Daniel Hewitt, Granada Reports

Exclusive: Geoffrey Dickens feared his child abuse investigation would "die with him"

It's emerged that a North West MP who was trying to expose an alleged paedophile ring at the heart of the British Establishment feared his campaign would die with him.

Geoffrey Dickens, who was MP for Littleborough and Saddleworth until his death in 1995, was seriously ill when he confided to a friend that he had compiled a dossier naming several high profile suspects.

Our Political Reporter Daniel Hewitt has the story:

PM tells Manchester bosses to save £60m without cutting services

Prime Minister David Cameron Credit: PA

David Cameron has warned Manchester town hall bosses not to slash services further - despite needing to make savings of £60m. Councillors will meet tomorrow to discuss where the savings will be made next year.

Council leader Sir Richard Leese has warned that Mancunians will be ‘shocked’ by the scale of the cutbacks.

But the Manchester Evening News reports Mr Cameron warned councillors not to ‘parade’ cuts to make a political point. It is the tenth-hardest hit authority in the country, behind Liverpool, Birmingham and a number of inner London authorities.

Yet more than 20 councils will actually end up with MORE money - all of them in the south, apart from Cheshire East.

But when presented with the figures by the MEN, Mr Cameron said “The discrepancy is this: that Manchester city council’s spending per dwelling in 2014 to 2015 is £2,518.

“That is £429 more than the English average, which is £2,089, so I don’t accept that there is an unfair discrepancy.

The PM went on to say: “I hope Manchester city council won’t do what it has done in some previous years, which is announce the most painful looking cuts and attempt to blame them on central government."

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