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Under threat: the sport with a long history, and growing problems

Is one of the most popular sports in the North West under threat from housing developments? Bowling green clubs say they're suffering because of private landlords selling to developers as well as a lack of council funding.

Will Straw, Labour Party candidate for Rossendale and Darwen, invited John Woodcock to the constituency to help highlight the problem. The Labour MP Barrow has been campaigning for three years to help 'Save Our Bowling Greens' across the region.

Our reporter Daniel Hewitt has been to one club caught in the middle of a land row as their old green lies derelict.

Campaign to legalise assisted suicide in Isle of Man

There are calls to re-open the debate on assisted dying in the Isle of Man.

Millie Blenkinsopp from Douglas has petitioned the island's government so she can decide when she dies.

Millie has a condition that means she has had a series of strokes and fears the next one could leave her with no quality of life.

Amy Mulhern reports.


Isle of Man campaign to legalise assisted suicide

A woman on the Isle of Man has launched a campaign to legalise assisted suicide. Millie Blenkinsop lives with a condition that has causes her to suffer a series of mini strokes. The guest house owner from Douglas fears the next one could leave her in an extremely poor state of health.

Millie has petitioned the Manx government to legalise assisted suicide and give her the right to decide when she should die. It's not the first time the issue has been raised on the island - Tynwald parliament investigated assisted dying around ten years ago and decided there was no appetite for change - but because of Millie's petition it will now be looked at again.

If the authorities want to progress with a change in the law, there are of course people that are vehemently opposed to the idea.

Lib Dems pledge to bring back standing at football grounds

The Liberal Democrats have announced they'll allow standing in Premier league and Championship football grounds as part of their 2015 election manifesto. The document will say clubs can introduce 'rail seating' meaning stands can be easily converted.

The party say it would allow clubs to offer cheaper tickets for fans. However, the families of the 96 Liverpool fans who died in the Hillsborough disaster have condemned previous campaigns to bring it back.


Morecambe MP wants tunnel under bay

morecambe bay
David Morris wants a transport tunnel under Morecambe Bay Credit: Creative Commons

The Morecambe and Lunesdale MP says he will move for a transport tunnel under Morecambe Bay.

The National Grid plans to build a tunnel for utilities, and Mr Morris said the same structure could be used for vehicles.

He said: “I have tabled a Parliamentary question and already have had a conversation with the Chancellor George Osborne and the Secretary of State for Transport about the prospect of a tunnel under Morecambe Bay. There will be mutual benefits, a tunnel would improve the economy here in Morecambe & Lunesdale allowing people from places like Barrow easy access to day trip to Morecambe and will give commuters better access to the other side of the bay especially those who work at places such as BAE Systems in Barrow. A tunnel would also open up some of the health care services currently available across the other side of the bay.”

Mr Morris continued: “I must stress it is very early days but I do endorse the National Grid’s tunnel option and it does prove that a traffic tunnel can be built. I am quietly confident with enough support we can make this a reality.

“The Chancellor has already announced plans to link Northern cities via rail and I think this tunnel would complement that plan nicely.”

Historic WW1 march recreated in Rochdale

Marchers in First World War uniform. Credit: Ralph Blunsom

Rochdale has been commemorating a march which took place between Todmorden and Rochdale town hall.

The historic reenactment marked the hundredth anniversary of a march by members of the Lancashire Fusiliers on their way to the Gallipoli campaign in Turkey.

It's been described as one of the most bloody campaigns of the first world war.

The clock turned back 100 years in the centre of Rochdale. Credit: Ralph Blunsom
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