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  1. Andy Bonner, ITV News

Special report: Is there a shortage of skilled jobs in the North West?

The Liverpool city region has a skills gap. Credit: ITV News.

Government figures out this week show that unemployment has now fallen to under 5% in the north west.

But in and around Liverpool there are fears that the jobs that are being created are too often low paid and unskilled.

It's an issue that's caught the eye of the city region's metro mayor candidates as the winner will have powers over employment and skills to kick-start the local economy.

Andy Bonner has been visiting a scheme which could become a blueprint for future growth:



Meet the Lib-Dem candidate for Manchester Metro Mayor

Meet Jane Brophy, the Lib-Dem candidate who wants to become Manchester Metro Mayor.

The election is in May for the area's first directly elected Mayor.

They will have new powers over the budget for the boroughs of the city region and can make decisions that have been taken in Westminster.

Ann O'Connor reports.

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