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Southport MP John Pugh slams grammar school plans

The Southport liberal democrat MP John Pugh has condemned the government's call for new grammar schools. Speaking at his party's annual conference in Brighton he said the plan will end up as Theresa May's first U turn. He said the Lib Dems are utterly committed to stopping the widespread introduction of a secondary modern and grammar school system. He said it is an idea that is divisive and that it should be abandoned.


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'Give us a call': McVey would run for Cameron's seat

The former employment minister lost her Wirral West seat in last year's election. Credit: PA

Former Conservative MP Esther McVey has said she would stand in the by-election for David Cameron's seat.

Asked if she would consider standing, Ms McVey told Sky News's Murnaghan programme it was up to the Conservative Association to choose candidates but she would welcome an invitation to run.

"We believe in the Tory Party is the actual association chooses the candidate, and that's what they'll be doing there."

"So, obviously if the chairman is watching, give us a call, " she added.

Mr Cameron resigned as MP for Witney on Monday, saying he feared becoming a "distraction" for the Government.

Voters in the Oxfordshire constituency will go to the polls on October 20.

Tim Farron says its time for MPs to unite

Mr Farron was speaking at the Lib Dem Conference in Brighton Credit: GTV

The leader of the liberal democrats Tim Farron says the only way for the north west to prosper is for liberals from all parties to unite and take the place of a labour opposition. At the party's annual conference in Brighton Tim Farron called on like minded MPs to join him to present a real challenge to the Theresa May government

Pensions protest planned in Manchester

There'll be a protest in Manchester later by women opposed to perceived inequality in the state pension. The WASP group claim that changes to the system have left many women in financial difficulty. They say 95 thousand women in Greater Manchester alone are affected. Ann Edwards says its come as a real shock.

The equalisation of the State Pension age was announced over 20 years ago and rights a longstanding inequality. Women retiring today can still expect to receive a higher State Pension over their lifetime than any women before them, and 10 per cent more State Pension than men of their age because they will on average live longer.

– Department of Work and Pensions


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