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Andy Burnham to turn down MPs 10% pay rise

Andy Burnham said the planned £7,000 hike 'cannot be justified'. Credit: PA

Labour leadership hopeful Andy Burnham has said he will turn down a 10% planned pay rise for MPs bringing their salary to £74,000.

Mr Burnham said if the hike goes ahead he will refuse to accept it or donate the money to local groups.

The shadow health secretary said the proposed rise "cannot be justified".

Writing on Twitter the Leigh MP said:

David Cameron opposed a more than 10% pay rise but said it was ultimately a decision for the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa).

Downing Steet said the Prime Minister will not seek to block Ipsa's proposal - meaning he will personally get the extra money taking his salary to £149,440.

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Burnham urges 'distinctive' Labour pro-EU campaign

Labour should run its own "distinctive" Yes campaign for the UK to remain in the European Union, leadership hopeful Andy Burnham has said.

Andy Burnham is standing for the Labour leadership. Credit: PA Wire

Mr Burnham said Labour had to learn lessons from the Scottish independence referendum campaign. Critics argue the party lost votes in Scotland because of former leader Ed Miliband's decision to campaign for a No vote with the Conservatives.

The shadow health secretary promised that Labour would run its own Yes campaign, focusing on issues such as preventing workers being "undercut" by EU immigrants, exclusive recruitment from overseas and strengthening enforcement of the national minimum wage.

He is travelling to Brussels for talks with MEPs and the UK's ambassador to the EU on Wednesday.

"Even though Labour is in a leadership campaign, I am not going to let the EU debate be defined by David Cameron."


Tim Farron 'utterly heartbroken' at the loss of Charles Kennedy

Tim Farron Credit: PA Images

Tributes have been paid to former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy after he died suddenly at home.

Mr Kennedy had served as an MP for 32 years, but was ousted from his Ross, Skye and Lochaber constituency last month as the SNP swept the board in the general election north of the border.

Police had been called out to his house in Fort William yesterday, after being alerted by the ambulance service. The cause of is death is not yet known but it is not thought to be suspicious. Tim Farron who is standing to be the leader of the party and MP for Westmorland & Lonsdale said he'd 'lost a mate and is gutted'.

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Greater Manchester must compete with London, says new Mayor

Tony Lloyd is the new interim mayor of Greater Manchester Credit: GMPCC

The new interim Mayor of Greater Manchester Tony Lloyd says the region must make itself heard as loud as London in the corridors of power as the process of devolution begins.

Mr Lloyd, who is currently the Police and Crime Commissioner for Manchester, was appointed to the temproary role on Friday by the leaders of the region's 10 local authorities.

The interim Mayor will have no new executive powers but will act as a 'caretaker' while the process of devolving powers over health, housing and planning from Westminster gets underway.

It's hoped Tony Lloyd will also help raise the profile of the new Mayoral role in the build up to 2017, when a fully elected Greater Manchester Mayor will be chosen by voters.

Mr Lloyd says he will only take one salary while he continues in his role as Police and Crime Commissioner. From 2017 the PCC's responsibilities will be consumed by the office of the new elected Mayor.

Tony Lloyd gave his first interview after being appointed to our political reporter Daniel Hewitt.

Interim mayor to be announced

The interim mayor of Greater Manchester will be chosen later. Senior officials from the 10 Greater Manchester Councils have been involved in making the decision. The two candidates standing are Lord Peter Smith, leader of Wigan Council and Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner, Tony Lloyd.

Tony Lloyd, Police and Crime Commissioner for Greater Manchester Credit: ITV Granada

The interim mayor will not have executive powers but will provide strategic leadership in the transitional period until May 2017 when a directly elected mayor will be voted in by the Greater Manchester public.


Derek Hatton gets his Labour Party membership card

Derek Hatton's membership card Credit: Derek Hatton

Derek Hatton proudly Tweets a picture of his Labour Party membership card after rumours that his application had been rejected. 29 years after he was expelled, the former Deputy Leader of Liverpool City Council, Derek Hatton, is back. In an exclusive interview with ITV Granada's political programme Party People, 67-year-old Hatton said he wanted to make a difference. Despite this a Labour spokesperson said: “The General Secretary of the Labour Party has objected to this application to join." The objections may have come too late.

Anti-austerity protest in Manchester

The march will protest at cuts and provide help for the homeless, say organisers Credit: PA

A march against government cuts is planned for Piccadilly Gardens later.

The 'Stand Up To Austerity' protest was organised by two young men who wanted to ensure that the General Election result wasn't the final word on the cuts.

They're asking people to come to the event with provisions for homeless people in Manchester.

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