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Osborne outlines 'radical new model of city government'

Chancellor George Osborne has outlined "a radical new model of city government" for major English cities to take control of their own affairs if they agree to be governed by a directly elected mayor.

Speaking in Manchester, he said: "We will hand power from the centre to cities to give you greater control over your local transport, your housing, your schools, your healthcare and we'll give you the levers you need to grow your local economy and make sure local people keep the rewards.

"With these new powers for cities must come new city-wide elected mayors who work with local councils.....I will not impose a mayor on anyone but nor will I settle for less. My door is open to any other major city who wants to take this bold step into the future".

"This is a revolution in the way we govern England", Mr Osborne added.

Cumbrian MP Tim Farron stands for Lib Dem leadership

Tim Farron stands for the Lib Dem leadership Credit: PA

Tim Farron has launched his campaign for the leadership of the Liberal Democrats.

The Westmorland and Lonsdale MP says he wants to give Britain "the liberal voice it needs." However, he insists that his constituency will always remain his "top priority."

Mr Farron is the second candidate to declare, after the North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb.

"I'm standing to be leader of the Liberal Democrats because I think Britain needs a political party who will stand up for the environment, human rights, equality and liberalism. I want to be the person who helps our party fightback and give Britain the liberal voice it needs.

However Westmorland will always be my home and will remain my top priority. Nothing will distract me from that. When I was first elected I said that I would always be Westmorland’s man in Westminster and never the other way around."

– Tim Farron MP


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Farron wins support for potential Lib Dem leadership bid

Tim Farron has won the support of his Scottish and Welsh counterparts, as a possible contender for the Liberal Democrat leadership role.

Tim Farron is being urged to put himself forward for the Liberal Democrat leadership role Credit: REUTERS/Nigel Roddis

Farron has not yet said if he intends to run for the post but he is already being touted by colleagues Willie Rennie and Kirsty Williams as "an inspirational leader".

Rennie and Williams released a joint statement today that said: "Tim is a committed liberal, a brilliant communicator, an outstanding campaigner and an inspirational leader.

"With him as leader we can show that we are a compassionate, tolerant, internationalist, reformist party that looks beyond sectional interest to the greater good, to our children's future not just ours, that believes in partnership home and abroad, not division, that is liberal and democratic."


Could North West MPs be leaders of the future?

Tim Farron, Lib Dem MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale and Andy Burnham, Labour MP for Leigh

The dramatic departures of Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg means this region could soon be boasting two of the main party leaders.

Yes, step forward the Leigh Labour MP Andy Burnham and Tim Farron, the Liberal Democrat MP for the Cumbrian constituency of Westmorland and Lonsdale.

Our correspondent Matt O'Donoghue reports now on the two men who could now be right at the heart of the country's political future.

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