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On the road with Andy Burnham: the MP discusses Corbyn, his kids, and his wife's Tory past

The next few weeks are the most important in Andy Burnham's political career.

Ballot papers are now dropping on people's mats and soon they'll vote on whether they want him as the new leader of the Labour Party.

The MP for Leigh is promising something for everybody - nationalising the railways, scrapping tuition fees and thousands of new affordable homes.

But he's trailing Jeremy Corbyn in the polls, and rival Yvette Cooper has called for him to stand down if he is unwilling to attack the frontrunner.

Our political reporter Daniel Hewitt has spent the day with Mr Burnham as he toured the North West.


Six arrested during march clashes in Liverpool

A march by far-right group National Action was called off after a counter protest.

Six people have been arrested and one man treated for facial injuries after anti-fascist marches to counter a planned demonstration by the far-right group National Action.

The controversial group had planned what they called a "White Man March" through the streets of Liverpool. It was called off shortly before it was due to begin at 2pm.

We worked with partners to ensure minimum disruption to businesses and residents and we’d like to thank the public for their patience while these marches were on-going in the city.

The force recognises the right of people to demonstrate peacefully and express their views but the force will not tolerate disorder anti-social behaviour during any demonstrations in Merseyside.

– Chief Inspector Chris Gibson
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Labour leadership voting registration closes

Voting closes amid calls for race to be halted to weed out bogus voters Credit: PA

Registration to vote in the Labour leadership contest has now closed, following an extension due to online "technical issues".

The deadline was originally set for midday today, but was extended to 3pm.

After the deadline passed, the party said more than 610,000 people have registered to vote in the election. Of those, 88,000 still need to be vetted to determine whether they are eligible to vote.

Leadership candidate Liz Kendall says she has complete faith in the election system and that Labour has already removed people they believe are trying to infiltrate the party.

One Labour MP has said legal action could be taken against the party unless it pauses the leadership contest due to fears of "entryism".

Graham Stringer joined three other MPs calling for the contest to be stopped while the party attempts to weed out bogus voters.

John Mann, MP for Bassetlaw, claimed Labour's new voting system could lead to the party becoming an "unrepresentative clique" as more Londoners could have registered to vote than in other parts of the country.

"The danger is that those who are joining, particularly those in London, are representative of very little in society, and that the vast mass of Labour voters and people it would like to attract, have totally different views and their views won't be heard," he told Sky News.

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Labour leadership voting deadline extended

Labour has extended the deadline for registering to vote in the leadership contest after "technical issues" meant that people were unable to sign up for a vote on its website.

Voters have a choice of four candidates in the party's leadership contest. Credit: PA

The deadline was originally set for midday today, but has been extended to 3pm.

Visitors to the site were faced with a series of error messages ahead of the cut-off time.

Labour has apologised to those wanting to join or register and assured site visitors that the technical issues have been resolved.

Islington North MP Jeremy Corbyn is currently the favourite to win the leadership contest, although he has faced some opposition from within the Labour party itself.

  1. Tony Morris

Burnham says he can rebuild the Labour party

Andy Burnham says Labour's been too shallow and frightened of its own shadow and he's pledging to change it.

The Leigh MP who is also shadow health secretary is the bookies' favourite to be next Labour leader although there has been a dramatic in support for left winger Jeremy Corbyn.

Andy Burnham is promising "something for people in every postcode".

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