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Fears plans to tackle 'sink-estates' will kill communities

People living in one of our region's most rundown areas say they fear Government measures to target so-called 'sink estates' will kill their community.

The Prime Minister has announced the Government's going to spend £140m tackling 100 estates which, he says, breed crime and poverty.

In some cases, they will be bulldozed and rebuilt.

Our Political Correspondent Daniel Hewitt's been to the Failinge estate in Rochdale, where many residents are sceptical.

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MP Simon Danczuk 'questioned over rape allegation'

Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk Credit: PA

Police are understood to be questioning Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk over a rape allegation.

Lancashire Police confirmed they were questioning a 49-year-old man from Greater Manchester in connection with reports of a rape dating back to 2006.

The force said the man was not arrested and attended a police station in Lancashire voluntarily by prior appointment.

A 49-year-old man from Greater Manchester has today voluntarily attended a police station in Lancashire where he was spoken to following an allegation of rape.

The man attended by prior appointment and was not arrested. He was interviewed under caution.

A complaint was made to Lancashire Constabulary on January 4th 2016 by a woman aged 39 of a historic rape dating back to 2006.

Inquiries are on-going.

– Lancashire Police


Wirral MP Alison McGovern resigns from review

Alison McGovern Credit: GTV

Wirral South MP Alison McGovern has stepped down from heading a Labour Party poverty review as unrest at the top of the party continues. She was angered by remarks made by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell that the Progress Group, which she chairs, is 'hard right'.

It comes in the wake of high profile resignations from the Shadow Cabinet, including Stalybridge MP Jonathan Reynolds, as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn shapes his senior team.

  1. Daniel Hewitt

Two North West MPs join Jeremy Corbyn's frontbench as Labour infighting continues

Two North West MPs elected in 2015 have agreed to join the Labour frontbench as Junior Ministers.

Ashton-under-Lyne MP Angela Rayner has taken a position at the Department for Work and Pensions. She tweeted the news this morning and delcared " I will work hard to hold this government to account."

Angela Rayner MP for Ashton-under-Lyne Credit: LabourList

Meanwhile Kate Hollern, the MP for Blackburn, has agreed to take a job at Shadow Defence as armed forces minister. It is unclear whether her views on nuclear weapons are in-line with her leader.

Kate Hollern MP for Blackburn Credit: Labour Party

The appointments follows a Labour reshuffle which is now into its fourth day and has seen Stalybridge and Hyde MP Jonathan Reynolds stand down from the frontbench, citing differences of opinion with the leadership.

On Wednesday night he reacted angrily to claims by fellow Labour MP Diane Abbott on Newsnight that he, along other Labour MPs who had resigned from the frontbench, was a 'career politician' who simply wasn't used to Jeremy Corbyn's new style of leadership.

"If you look at Jonathan Reynolds, if you look at Mr [Michael] Dugher, if you look at some of these others, what do they have in common? They are all former special advisers," she said.

""And what you are seeing is people who came up under a certain system. You did politics at university, you became a special adviser, you became an MP, you became a minister, who are rightfully upset, because Jeremy has brought a whole lot of new energy and new people into politics."


Stalybridge MP Reynolds explains resignation from Shadow Cabinet

The MP for Stalybridge Jonathan Reynolds has spoken about his reasons for standing down as Shadow Rail Minister. He said he was resigning because he could not "in good conscience endorse the world view of the Stop the War Coalition" - a group closely linked to Mr Corbyn. And he cited the sackings of Europe spokesman Pat McFadden and shadow culture secretary Michael Dugher for "disloyalty".

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Watch live: Prime Minister's Questions

David Cameron has addressed the House of Commons during the first Prime Minister's Questions session since Parliament resumed after the Christmas holidays.

It comes after the PM announced that government ministers would be allowed freedom on whether to campaign for or against Britain's membership of the EU ahead of the referendum.

The Commons also also heard from opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who has carried out the first reshuffle of his top team since being voted in last year.

The recent flooding in the north was also to be raised.

  • This live broadcast has now finished.

Danczuk: I will clear my name

Simon Danczuk has reacted to rape allegations by saying they are malicious and upsetting.

The Rochdale MP said the historical claim - which dates back to 2006 - was untrue, and said most of his constituents still wanted him to remain as their representative.

Lancashire Police said on Monday that they were in the early stages of investigating the claim, and Mr Danczuk said he had not been contacted by officers in relation to it.

"I'm in no doubt that I will contest this and prove that there's no substance to it and I will clear my name."

– Simon Danczuk
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