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Exclusive: Geoffrey Dickens feared his child abuse investigation would "die with him"

It's emerged that a North West MP who was trying to expose an alleged paedophile ring at the heart of the British Establishment feared his campaign would die with him.

Geoffrey Dickens, who was MP for Littleborough and Saddleworth until his death in 1995, was seriously ill when he confided to a friend that he had compiled a dossier naming several high profile suspects.

Our Political Reporter Daniel Hewitt has the story:


PM tells Manchester bosses to save £60m without cutting services

Prime Minister David Cameron Credit: PA

David Cameron has warned Manchester town hall bosses not to slash services further - despite needing to make savings of £60m. Councillors will meet tomorrow to discuss where the savings will be made next year.

Council leader Sir Richard Leese has warned that Mancunians will be ‘shocked’ by the scale of the cutbacks.

But the Manchester Evening News reports Mr Cameron warned councillors not to ‘parade’ cuts to make a political point. It is the tenth-hardest hit authority in the country, behind Liverpool, Birmingham and a number of inner London authorities.

Yet more than 20 councils will actually end up with MORE money - all of them in the south, apart from Cheshire East.

But when presented with the figures by the MEN, Mr Cameron said “The discrepancy is this: that Manchester city council’s spending per dwelling in 2014 to 2015 is £2,518.

“That is £429 more than the English average, which is £2,089, so I don’t accept that there is an unfair discrepancy.

The PM went on to say: “I hope Manchester city council won’t do what it has done in some previous years, which is announce the most painful looking cuts and attempt to blame them on central government."

'No more waiting' for faster trains - Deputy PM

The Government is promising to cut journey times between Manchester and Leeds to 40 minutes by 2025.

It says money is being made available now to improve road and rail links across the Pennines.

The Deputy Prime Minister believes the region doesn't have to wait for the High Speed HS3 link to be built, in several decades time:

Mum takes tyre campaign to Westminster

Michael Molloy died on his way back from Bestival in 2012 Credit: Family photo

The mother of a teenager killed in a coach crash will take her campaign for an age limit for tyres to parliament today. 18 year old Michael Molloy, along with two others, died on his way back from the Bestival music festival in September 2012 when a coach tyre burst. The tyre was 20 years old. A previous campaign by Frances Molloy was rejected by the government.


Will Greater Manchester get greater powers

It's believed the Government is planning to give more powers to councils in Greater Manchester to run their own affairs. George Osborne is thought to be preparing an announcement next week creating a new 'super council' which would make decisions on areas like transport. Ralph Blunsom looks at that and Ed Miliband's plans for devolved power in the North West

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Firefighters over 55 who fail safety test 'face the sack'

Firefighters who are over the age of 55 and fail a vital fitness test "face the sack", a union chief warned Good Morning Britain.

Sean Starbuck from the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) said despite evidence showing 66% of firefighters between 55 and 60 would not be fit enough to rescue people from a burning victim, the government were insisting they work until 60.

Mr Starbuck said today's strike was about getting a fair deal on pensions - which they had already got in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Miliband wants to spread wealth to North West

The Labour leader, Ed Miliband is in Manchester to unveil his party's plan to try and spread power and prosperity across England's regions. He believes the economic recovery is only benefitting a wealthy few in London and not everyday working people in the North West and elsewhere outside the capital.

Labour want to spread power and prosperity across the country Credit: PA

Included in Labour's plans, if they win the next general election, is giving regions more power over their public transport networks and passing an English Devolution Act which Labour says will mean a cash boost of £30 billion pounds over five years.

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