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Labour loses Sefton seats but remains in control

Credit: Sefton Council

Labour have lost three seats to community activists in Sefton overnight but despite a poor night in parts the party still takes overall control .

Liberal Democrats can claim some victory back in the region following their defeat at Stockport. They won all seven of the Southport seats taking two from the Conservatives.

Labour closed the night with 12 saved seats followed by Liberal democrats 7 and the Conservatives single seat.

Overnight results mean Sefton Council’s 66 councillors now consist of 38 Labour seats, 17 Liberal Democrats and 6 Conservatives.

Other seats are made up by a single Conservative Independent Member, 2 from the Formby Residents Action Group and 2 from the independent party.


Local Elections: Waking up in West Lancashire

Credit: West Lancashire Council

Labour once again retain their firm grasp in West Lancashire with a majority of eight seats.

The only change that came overnight saw Labour gain a seat from the Tories in Halsall.

Labour - 31 Conservative - 22 Independent - 1

Ashurst - Gail Hodson - Labour hold

Aughton & Downholland - Samuel Currie - Conservative hold

Birch Green - Claire Cooper - Labour hold

Burscough East - David Evans - Labour hold

Burscough West - Andrew Pritchard - Labour hold

Derby - Adrian Owens - Our West Lancashire hold

Digmoor - Kevin Wilkie - Labour hold

Halsall - Maureen Mills - Labour gain

Hesketh-with-Becconsall - Paul Moon - Conservative hold

Knowsley - Adam Yates - Labour hold

Moorside - Terence Aldridge - Labour hold

Rufford - John Gordon - Conservative hold

Scott - Kevin Wright - Labour hold

Skelmersdale North - Neil Furey - Labour hold

Skelmersdale South - Donna West - Labour hold

Tarleton - John Cairns - Conservative hold

Up Holland - Gaynar Owen - Labour hold

Wrightington - Carolyn Evans - Conservative hold

Majority Conservative Council continues to lead in Trafford

Council leader Sean Anstee held on to his seat as Tories retain majority amongst a sea of red.

Nothing changed in Trafford following the local elections as conservatives lead with their 34 seats to Labours 25.

The Liberal Democrats keep 3 and the Independent party retain 1.

Labours Andrew Western was pleased to retain seats in Trafford overnight.

Wirral Council remains under Labour control

Wirral Town Hall Credit: ITV News

Wirral Results:

Wirral Council remains under Labour control as it has since 2012 with 39 of the councils 66 seats. Conservatives continue to hold 21, Lib Dems 5 and the Greens retain their 1.

Breakdown of results:

Seacombe: Stuart (Lab) 2245 - Labour hold.

Bidston & St James result: McManus (Lab) 1702 - Labour hold.

Leasowe & Moreton East: Leech (Lab) 2,349 - Labour hold.

Rockferry: Davies (Lab) 1,642 - Labour hold.

Wallasey: Lewis (Con) 2,249 - Conservative hold.

Prenton: Norbury (Lab) 2,028 - Labour hold.

Pensby & Thingwall: Sullivan (Lab) 2,243 - Labour hold.

Oxton: Kelly (Lib Dem) 2,381 - Lib Dem hold.

New Brighton: Jones (Lab) 2,214 - Labour hold.

Moreton West & Saughall Massie: Blakeley (Con) 2,384 - Conservative hold.

Hoylake & Meols: Hale (Con) 2,186 - Conservative hold.

Greasby, Frank & Irby Wardlocal: Anderson (Con) 2,182, - Conservative hold.

Eastham: Gilchrist (Lib Dem) 2,695 Roberto -Lib Dem hold.

Claughton: Davies (Lab) 2,337 - Labour hold.

Clatterbridge: Povall (Con) 2,333 - Conservative hold.

Bromoborough: Ward (Lab) 1,805 - Labour hold.

Birkenhead & Tranmere: Stapleton (Lab)1,555 - Labour hold.

Bidston & St James: McManus (Lab) 1,702 - Labour hold.

Bebington: Muspratt (Lab) 2,505 - Labour hold.


No change in Trafford as Tories retain majority

Council leader Sean Anstee retains Bowdon seat as Tories retain majority

Sean Anstee Credit: ITV News

Trafford Council final count: Conservative: 10 seats, Labour: 9 (gain one), Lib Dems: 2.

Gorse Hill - Labour hold

Hale Barns - Conservative hold

Stretford - Labour hold

St Mary's - Conservative hold

Ashton Upon Mersey - Conservative hold

Bowdon - Conservative hold

Village - Lib Dem hold

Altrincham - Conservative hold

Davyhulme West - Conservative hold

Sale Moor - Labour hold

Bucklow - St Martin - Labour hold

Urmston - Labour hold

Clifford - Labour hold

Longford - Labour hold

Priory - Labour hold

Broadheath - - Labour hold

Hale Central - Conservatives hold

Brooklands - Conservatives hold

Timperley - Lib Dem hold

Davyhulme East - Conservative hold

Fixton - Conservative hold

Bucklow - St Martins - Labour gain

Labour takes control of Stockport from Liberal Democrats

In Stockport the Liberal Democrat council leader Sue Derbyshire loses her seat as Labour takes over as largest party.

Seats: Labour 23, Lib Dem 21, Con 14, Ind 5

Sue Derbyshire Credit: MEN


Breakdown of results:

Seats: Labour 23, Lib Dem 21, Con 14, Ind 5

Offerton: Booth (Lib Dem) 1,282

Reddish South: Guariento (Lab) 1,836

Reddish North: Butler (Lab) 1,763

Marple South: Dowse (Con) 1,651

Marple North: Allan (Lib Dem) 1,985

Manor: Stewart (Lab) 1,624

Heatons South: Foster (Lab) 2,962

Heaton North: Sedgwick (Lab) 2,602

Heald Green: Charles-Jones (Ind) 2,002

Hazel Grove: Twigge (Lib dem) 1,777

Edgeley & Cheadle Heath: Bailey (Lab) 2,214

Davenport & Cale Green: Wild (Lab) 1,935

Cheadle Hulme South: Hunter (Lib Dem) 2,830

Cheadle Hulme North: Pantall (Lib Dem) 1,709

Cheadle & Gatley: Holloway (Lib Dem) 2,037

Brinnington and Central: Sorton (Lab) 1,889

Bredbury Green: Smart (Lib Dem) 2,284

Bredbury & Woodley: Corris (Lib Dem) 1,539

Bramhall South: Bagnall (Con) 1,972

Bramhall North: Holt (Con) 2,400

Stepping Hill: Weldon (Lib Dem) 1,592

Liverpool votes for City Mayor

Votes are being counted across Liverpool tonight Credit: ITV News

Voters in Liverpool are electing a city Mayor, the result of which is expected sometime on Friday.

Council elections have taken place in Knowsley, Sefton, St. Helens and Wirral.

Across Merseyside, an election has also been held for a police and crime commissioner.

Credit: PA
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