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Lancashire Police Federation - 'Now is not the time to make these cuts'

The Lancashire Police Federation say they fear for the safety of the public if the force has to make further cuts.

The force had more than three and a half thousand police officers in 2009 - 12 hundred officers are predicted to go over the next 6 years.

The police Minister says the force will still have enough resources to do important work but the Federation describe the cuts as 'ludicrous'.

Lancashire Police Federation's Rachel Baines told ITV News now is not the right time to be making these cuts.

Anti-Semitism on the rise across the region

Jewish people in the North West are feeling the effects of anti-semitism more than anywhere else in the country.

Half of those questioned in a new report said they hold an anti-semitic view, and 1 in 4 Jews have considered leaving the UK.

Arnold Saunders, a Manchester Rabbi, said the country's economic problems is one of the root causes:


Unhappy Monday for Bez as his political party is deregistered

Happy Monday's star Bez Credit: ITV Granada Reports

Former Happy Mondays star Mark Berry's political career might have already ended before it even had chance to begin. Bez, the band's man on the maracas launched bid on Monday to become the MP for Salford with The Reality Party. He spoke to the press about his anti-fracking, anti-privatisation plans as his face was plastered onto a billboard in the city. But, unbeknown to him his Westminster career had already ended before his revolution got off the ground.

According to the The Independent Bez forgot to actually register the party with the Electoral Commission. They claim he was given a deadline of 12th January but he didn't get back to them, meaning The Reality Party was deregistered on it's own launch day.

The newspaper reports that the Electoral Commission contacted the party twice last year about changing their name as it is similar to one already registered by the 'Realists' Party.' But they did not submit an alternative so was removed from the register of political partied. A spokesman said they were investigating the 'administrative error.'

Police cuts could have an impact on public safety

Police fear more cuts in Lancashire will put the public at risk Credit: pa

Lancashire Police had more than three and a half police officers in 2009 - but they're are predicted to lose 1200 officers in the next 6 years.

The police federation have described the cuts as "ludicrous" and will put people "at risk".

The police Minister says the force will still have the resources to do their important work.

Rachel Baines of Lancashire Police Federation. Credit: Lancashire Police Federation.

We fear for the safety of the public in Lancashire because we won’t be able to do the job as it should be done. "If anyone tries to assure the public that losing over 1250 police officers is not going to have an effect on frontline policing then they are deluded."

– Rachel Baines, Lancashire Police Federation

Bez gets plastered ... onto a billboard

Bez launches his billboard campaign Credit: PA Images

The face of Happy Mondays' man-on-the-maracas, Mark Berry, will be plastered ... onto a billboard in Salford later today.

Bez - who also won Big Brother - is now the leader of the Reality Party and will be standing at the election.

He says he hopes to become a member of parliament representing the people of Salford.


Cameron sets out economic plan for NW

The Prime Minister, David Cameron will be in the North West to set out his economic plan for the region as the countdown to the General Election continues. Mr Cameron is promising to push for the so-called northern powerhouse of cities outside London and wants to highlight figures the Conservatives say show output here is growing faster than anywhere else.

Credit: PA

Mr Cameron is expected to tell business leaders in Manchester that a strong British economy can only happen if no part of the country is left behind. Downing Street said that in 2013 the north west had the joint fastest growth in output per head in the UK and has seen an average of 200 more people in employment per day over the past year. The PM will tour the region with chancellor George Osborne, the MP for Tatton in Cheshire.

Dangers of drinking while pregnant should be put on all alcohol, says MP


Sefton Central MP Bill Esterson is calling for the compulsory labelling of alcohol with warnings about the dangers of drinking while pregnant.

The Labour MP will take his campaign to parliament today - presenting a 10 Minute Bill in the Commons after Prime Minister's Questions.

He said:

"This is a vitally important issue. At least 1 in 100 babies are being born damaged because of the effects of alcohol. Everything possible needs to be done to bring this to an end and MPs in parliament have the power to take steps to do just that."

– Bill Esterson MP
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