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Celebrity lawyer fears people may have to carry 'consensual sex' forms

Nick Freeman. Credit: ITV News.

A Manchester solicitor is urging people planning to drink alcohol on a night out to carry “consensual sex” forms.

Nick Freeman, known in the media as Mr Loophole, made the comments in response to new legal guidelines to tackle the problem of rape.

He admits his suggestion could be seen as "preposterous", but says there are serious points to be considered around this issue.

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, has outlined new advice which will require those accused to prove that the complainant said yes "with full capacity and freedom to do so".

It is a seismic shift in the law which in these circumstances is wholly inappropriate.

“Apart from total alcohol abstinence, the only way to ensure consensual sex is to obtain a signature or signatures, when sober, upon a consent form.

“Moreover this must be freely signed, and, ideally witnessed by someone who is also sober, before any sexual act by the willing party or parties.

“Thus, if a complaint is made to the police, this document is crucial evidence in supporting the issue of consent.”

– Nick Freeman


People urged to register to vote

The general election is May 7th 2015 Credit: PA

People living in Greater Manchester are being urged to make sure they are registered to vote. Registration drives are taking place in various locations including libraries, youth centres, children's centres and universities. Community and residents' groups are also being encouraged to take part.

Greater Manchester councils have written to every home in the region with details of who is currently on the electoral register at each property.

Register now, don't leave it too late and inadvertently exclude yourself from the elections. It would be terrible if anyone who wants to vote turns up on polling day only to find that they can't because they are not registered, or registered where they used to live.

– Theresa Grant, Electoral Registration Officer, Trafford

Battle lines drawn in Blackpool North

A corner of the North West is preparing for one of the closest and fiercest fights at the upcoming General Election. Conservative-controlled Blackpool North has long been a battleground for Labour and the Tories, but that is all about to change. UKIP have reported a surge in members in the town, with polls putting them within just a few points of the two main parties.

Cable announces multi million pound boost for region

Business Secretary Vince Cable Credit: PA

The Business Secretary Vince Cable has announced a multi- million pound boost for the North West. The minister's been visiting Manchester University as part of the Government's aim to help empower regions to manage more of their own affairs. The money will be spent on improving scientific research, transport and supporting local businesses.

Multi-million pound investment for Manchester

Business Secretary Vince Cable Credit: pa

Manchester is to benefit from a huge cash injection which its hoped will boost business and improve the city's infrastructure. The business secretary Vince Cable will be in Manchester to announce the investment and discuss the devolution of power from London. He'll also meet local business people that have already benefitted from the Greater Manchester Growth Deal. Manchester will also be home to one of three new research centres looking into sythethic biology development.


Poll shows North West prefer Miliband to Cameron

  1. Daniel Hewitt - Political Reporter

Nigel Farage: "Ringfence NHS spending? Forget that"

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has told Granada Reports his party will back the National Health Service and does want it to be free at the point of delivery, but would not ringfence NHS spending.

Speaking with 100 days to go until the General Election, Mr Farage said all parties need to confront the 'elephant in the room' that is future funding of health, but remained unclear over how his party would propose financing the NHS.

  1. Daniel Hewitt - Political Reporter

Election Exclusive: Nigel Farage on why UKIP isn't funding 'vast majority' of North West candidates

With 100 days to go until polling day, UKIP leader Nigel Farage speaks exclusively to our political reporter Daniel Hewitton why his party isn't targeting funds to the 'vast majority' of parliamentary candidates in the North West.

Mr Farage also refused to reveal which Northern seats his party is targeting May, and said he 'doesn't remember' where money is being allocated in the North West.

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