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Watch: The Granada Debate

The bed blocking crisis in the North West and the leadership battle for Ukip are the topics discussed in this month's Granada Debate. Join presenter Alison Mackenzie and her guests - Graham Evans the Conservative MP for Weaver Vale, Liz McInnes the Labour MP for Heywood and Middleton and the Ukip party treasurer John Bickley .

Watch: Journalist asylum seeker fears his life is in danger if he's deported

A writer and human rights campaigner has said that he fears for his life if he's deported from the North West.

Amitt Bhatt, who lives in Greater Manchester, faces an appeal hearing on Friday.

Mr Bhatt fled from India two years ago and claims he was tortured following an investigation into government corruption there.

Tim Scott reports.


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Eagle: 'We had an election about personality, not policy'

Angela Eagle denied regretting forcing the Labour leadership contest despite the campaign reinforcing Jeremy Corbyn's position.

Talking to ITV's Peston On Sunday, Eagle said: "Our leadership election was mainly about personalities, when we needed to have a leadership election about policy."

The MP for Wallasey told Robert Peston: "At the moment we are appealing to our core vote but we're not being able to appeal beyond that and you can see that from some of the polling."

Despite her failed bid to challenge Corbyn, Eagle said she stood by the result and didn't regret the move that made the Islington North MP more popular among Labour supporters.

"The party have made a decision and it's one I absolutely except.

"You can't anticipate what's going to happen in the future when you do something in politics."


Farage suggests 'too much ambition' got better of Steven Woolfe

Nigel Farage on Peston on Sunday Credit: Peston on Sunday

Nigel Farage has told Peston on Sunday 'too much' ambition got the better of former UKIP frontrunner Steven Woolfe.

Mr Woolfe resigned just weeks after collapsing in the EU parliament.

He told Peston it had been a “rotten couple of weeks” for Ukip but he hoped they could “get back on track” with the new leadership campaign.

Steven Woolfe who resigned from Ukip claiming it's riddled with infighting Credit: ITV Granada

Nigel Farage says he will not be backing Suzanne Evans as the next Ukip leader after her comments about rival Raheem Kassam and the party’s “toxic” image.

A fresh leadership race was sparked after Diana James resigned just 18 days into the job. Steven Woolfe was widely expected to replace her but has since quit the party.

Mr Farage told ITV News Political Editor Robert Peston he had not planned to back or criticise anyone in the contest, but could not support Ms Evans after her comments.

“For her to talk about the party being toxic, for her to already declare one of the candidates who’s running, Raheem Kassam, as being far-right, I don’t view this as being a very good start.

“She may well think that herself, but that is not how Ukip members and Ukip voters feel.”

He added: “I think to kick-off this leadership election campaign by decrying one of the declared candidates is perhaps not the start we needed.”

Mr Woolfe resigned from the party just weeks after collapsing in the EU parliament following an altercation with a fellow MEP.

He joined Ukip six years ago but said the party is now "riddled with infighting, proxy wars between rival camps and is run by an NEC that is not fit for purpose".

Speculation Paul Nuttall to stand for UKIP leader

Paul Nuttall NW MEP Credit: ITV Granada

North West MEP Paul Nuttall is expected to announce whether he's standing for UKIP leader soon after 11am today.

He would be the third candidate to put himself forward after Raheem Kassam and Suzanne Evans.

Mr Nuttall is UKIP's former Deputy Leader and some in the party privately believe he is the only candidate to unite its warring factions.

Mr Nuttall has been an MEP for the region for seven years and is also a former chairman of the party.

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