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Conservatives secure control of Lancashire County Council

The Conservatives have gained control of Lancashire County Council. The party needed 43 seats to gain control. Labour previously held the majority. As it stands:

  • Conservatives have 44 seats
  • Labour have 27 seats
  • Liberal Democrats have 4 seats
  • Independents have 2 seats
  • UKIP have 1 seat


Conservatives gain Pendle Central from Lib Dems

Credit: Twitter

Conservative candidate Joe Cooney has been elected as councillor for Pendle Central with 1483 votes, a majority of 353. The seat was previously held by the Liberal Democrat candidate Dorothy Lord.

Voter turn out for Greater Manchester mayor under 29%

Voter turn out for Greater Manchester mayor under 30% Credit: Press Association

Voter turn out in the Greater Manchester Metro Mayor election was 28.93%.

Counting will begin later to find out the results in Greater Manchester and the Liverpool City Region elections.

See below for a full breakdown of Greater Manchester's voter turn out:

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