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Royalist captures Queen visits in the North West

Royalist author Colin Edwards will be among the thousands of people welcoming the Queen to Lancashire at today's Maundy service.

The 73-year-old has met and photographed the monarch hundreds of times before, and today Colin will personally present her with his book, 'A Personal Portrait of the Royal Family.'

The book features many of the Queen's visits to the North West in a series of photos.

The Queen in Crewe, July 1987 Credit: Colin Edwards/Candy Jar Books
The Queen in Chester, April 1992 Credit: Colin Edwards/Candy Jar Books
The Queen in Manchester, December 1996 Credit: Colin Edwards/Candy Jar Books
The Queen at a Maundy service in Liverpool, April 2004 Credit: Colin Edwards/Candy Jar Books
Colin Edwards on a royal visit Credit: Colin Edwards/Candy Jar Books

The Queen to visit Blackburn Cathedral

The Queen will hand out Maundy money to pensioners Credit: PA

Every year at Easter Her Majesty presents special 'Maundy money' to local pensioners in a UK cathedral or abbey. Today crowds are expected to gather in Blackburn for the Queen's visit to the town's cathedral to continue an ages old tradition.

Thousands are expected to give the Queen a warm welcome Credit: PA

If you're having a day out to see the Queen and you're planning on taking some pictures we'd love to see them. You can E mail them to or tweet them to @granadareports.

Preparations for Queen's visit to Blackburn

Preparations are underway in Blackburn for a very special Royal visit.

The town will welcome the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh tomorrow, Maundy Thursday.

It will see more than 150 pensioners from across Lancashire honoured with Maundy Money, in a ceremony that can be traced back to the fourth century.

Amy Welch reports.


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Prince Charles jokes about Man Utd's poor form

Could Prince Charles be a Manchester United fan? Credit: Anwar Hussein/EMPICS Entertainment

The Prince of Wales declined to reveal his own footballing colours today, but did comment on the current plight of Manchester United with a young fan.

During a visit to Chelsea Children's Hospital, Charles was asked which team he supported by five-year-old James Middlehurst, who was in hospital for an operation on his prosthetic leg.

The youngster's mother said: "James asked him which football team he supported and he said 'I don't like answering that'."

When James told the Prince he was a Manchester United fan, Charles joked: "Best not to mention that."

Dean of Blackburn 'delighted' to host The Queen

The Dean of Blackburn, The Very Rev Christopher Armstrong, says he is pleased to be welcoming The Queen to Blackburn Cathedral in April.

He said today:

“I am delighted that the Cathedral has been asked to host The Queen for the Maundy Service this year. This is a huge privilege as well as a great responsibility on behalf of the bishop, the Diocese and the County of Lancashire.

– The Very Rev Christopher Armstrong

The Lancashire recipients of The Royal Maundy are yet to be announced.

The Queen to visit Blackburn in April

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh will visit Blackburn Cathedral on April 17 2014. Credit: PA

The Queen will be coming to Lancashire in April to hand out Maundy Money at Blackburn Cathedral.

She will be accompanied by His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh.

Every year the Monarch visits a cathedral or abbey to give out Maundy coins to people aged 70 and over in recognition of their service to their community and church.

This year’s visit, on Thursday April 17, will be the first time The Queen has visited Blackburn Cathedral.

Farmer's own baby "Royal Flush"

There's been no escaping all the royal baby talk this summer - but we've got a little bit of a twist on it here at Granada Reports.

A farmer in Wirral is celebrating his own new arrivals.

George, Alexander and Louis have been named in honour of the royal infant Credit: Victoria Grimes
The trio resting at Greenhouse Farm, Wirral Credit: Victoria Grimes

George, Alexander and Louis have been named in honour of the royal infant.

They're pretty special 'babies' too - because they're triplets, and the odds against that are said to be 700 thousand to one.

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