FA Cup train saga

Liverpool fans travelling to the FA Cup final at Wembley on 5 May may be stuck in London after the match. There are no direct trains from London to Liverpool until the following Monday and the detour routes could take over 5 hours.

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Government 'on the case' over FA cup trains

The Transport Secretary says they're working to ensure train services are running to get Liverpool fans home from the FA Cup final.

I have already been on the case. The underlying problem that we are trying to solve is the fact that the FA Cup was planned to start at 3pm but will now start later, at 5.15 pm. It is difficult to change the Network Rail work, which is really important for maintenance and safety and has been planned for 18 months, but Virgin has said that it plans to put on longer trains on the Sunday to ensure that fans have a good opportunity to get back.

– Justine Greening



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