Shafilea murder trial

The prosecution in the trial of a couple accused of murdering their daughter have heard how Shafilea Ahmed drank bleach in an apparent suicide attempt. Iftikhar and Farzana Ahmed deny killing Shafilea, 17, in their home in 2003.

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Farzana Ahmed: I hoped my husband had put Shafilea somewhere safe

A mother accused of murdering her teenage daughter insisted she hoped her husband had put Shafilea somewhere safe and hadn't killed her. Farzana Ahmed claimed she didn't tell the police she saw Iftikhar Ahmed attack Shafilea on the night she disappeared because she was scared of him.

But the court was told that during hundreds of hours of secret recording at their home he is not heard threatening his wife. After playing the jury an extract in which she shouts at her husband and appears to be telling him off, Prosecuting Barrister Andrew Edis QC asked Farzana Ahmed,

'Were you frightened of your husband during that conversation?''That was my normal voice, I wasn't shouting. My husband wouldn't allow me to shout at him.' The prosecution claim she wasn't frightened of him, and played several extracts of her shouting at her husband. Both parents deny murder.

Shafilea's mother was 'frightened' of husband

A Warrington woman accused of murdering her daughter because she supposedly brought shame on the family has told a jury she lied to police because she was "frightened" of her husband who she said would beat her.

Farzana Ahmed, 49, and her husband Iftikhar, 52, of Liverpool Road, Warrington, are on trial at Chester Crown Court charged with killing their daughter Shafilea, 17, in 2003.

Mrs Ahmed has always denied murder, but earlier this month the jury of seven men and five women were told she had changed her account and said she witnessed her husband beat Shafilea on the night of the alleged murder.


Shafilea's father 'slapped her twice' on the night she disappeared

Shafilea Ahmed's mother Farzana has told Chester Crown Court that she saw her husband Iftikhar Ahmed slap their daughter Shafilea twice on the night she disappeared. She said that she had 'never seen her husband so angry' and that when she tried to intervene she was pushed and punched herself.

The Warrington couple are on trial for the murder of their daughter Shafilea, 17, in 2003. Both deny the charges.


Shafilea murder trial continues

The trial of a couple accused of murdering their teenage daughter heard Shafilea was lying when she complained of violence and being forced into marriage.

Iftikhar Ahmed and his wife Farzana both deny murdering 17 year old Shafilea at their home in Warrington in 2003.

Our Correspondent Ann O Connor has been following the case for us at Chester Crown Court:

Latest from Shafilea Ahmed trial

Shafilea's father Iftikhar Ahmed was asked why he did not report Shafilea missing after she disappeared.

Andrew Edis QC, said: "You did not lift a finger because you knew where she was and you knew she was dead."

Ahmed replied: "I did not know where she was and I did not know she was dead."

The barrister went on: "Your daughter Alesha has told this jury that you and your wife murdered Shafilea. Is there any reason that you know of why she might make up something of that kind?"

Ahmed said he did not know why Alesha had "turned against" the family.

Mr Edis suggested Alesha had "escaped" and added: "That is what your daughters have to do, isn't it? Submit, escape or die?"

"That's not true, Mr Edis," Ahmed replied.

"Shafilea died," Mr Edis said.

"Shafilea has not died because of us," Ahmed replied.

Read more on the trial as it continues here.

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