Oldham terrorism trial

An Oldham woman has been found guilty of terrorism offences. Shasta Khan, 38, was found guilty of preparing bomb-making materials. Together with her husband, Mohammed Sajid Khan, she plotted an attack on Bury's Jewish community.

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Shasta and Mohammed Khan jailed for terror offences

A couple from Oldham have been jailed for planning terror attacks in the Jewish area of Prestwich. Shasta Khan has been jailed for eight years for preparing acts of terrorism and two counts of possessing information likely to be useful to a terrorist.

Her husband Mohammed Sajid Khan has been given an indeterminate sentence for public protection. He must serve at least seven and a half years before being considered eligible for parole. He pleaded guilty to preparing terrorist acts.

Police release photos of terrorist items found in the Khans' house

Home-made bomb-making equipment, including Christmas tree lights Credit: Greater Manchester Police
Household chemicals which could form an explosive mixture Credit: Greater Manchester Police
Details of a gun and cartridges Credit: Greater Manchester Police

The Oldham couple have both been convicted of preparing terrorist acts, following their conversion to radical Islam. Police found home-made bomb-making materials in their house, together with al-Qaeda-inspired literature encouraging 'jihad [holy war] from home'.

The couple had also recorded postcodes of Orthodox Jewish areas in Bury, which police believe were probable targets.


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