Creamfields Abandoned

Festival goers told to stay away following a night of heavy rain

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Creamfields washout

by Rob Jaskowski
Festival campers
Wet festival campers dry out after the rain Credit: Dave Brown ITV Granada

Organisers of the Creamfields music and dance festival are counting the costs of the weekend's bad weather.

Yesterday's performances had to be cancelled and campers were forced to abandon the site near Warrington.

Many disappointed spectators are demanding compensation.


Creamfields music festival abandoned

by Rob Jaskowski

The annual Creamfields festival in at Daresbury near Warrington has been abandoned after a night of heavy rain caused the grounds to flood.

Cheshire Police issued a warning first thing this morning advising campers and festival goers to leave the site.

The rest of today's dance and music events have been posponed as more heavy rain is expected:-