'Naked' body scanners ditched

Controversial "naked" security scanners are to be ditched at Manchester Airport. The machines invaded passenger privacy, according to critics, by giving graphic X-ray style images.

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'Naked' body scanners scrapped

Bosses at Manchester Airport say they're baffled about a decision forcing them to scrap controversial body scanners introduced two years ago. The devices, which cost almost a million pounds, use xrays to carry out security checks and display a full body image of the person being scanned.

The airport say they've helped reduce queues and reassure passengers. But the European Commission will not allow the airport to keep the scanners once a trial period comes to an end next month. And so far they've failed to provide a reason why. Our correspondent Rachel Townsend reports:


'Naked' body scanners abandoned at Manchester airport

'Naked' body scanner Credit: PA

Controversial "naked" security scanners are to be abandoned at Manchester Airport.

Critics claimed the machines were an invasion of privacy. A trial of their use comes to an end next month and they will be replaced by "privacy friendly" scanners thanks to EU rules.

The new scanners process images of passengers using a system that eliminates the need for a security officer to view body outlines. The new machines instead scan passengers using radio frequency-based millimetre wave technology rather than the low dose X-rays.

A computer analyses the scans and alerts airport staff where to look for hidden objects using a stick figure diagram.

Five new scanners will be installed at Manchester Airport from October in a three month trial. In the meantime, 55 additional security staff have been employed.

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