Demoted Christian's court win

A Christian who was demoted from his job at Trafford Housing Trust after making comments about gay marriage has won a breach of contract court case.

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'Full and sincere' apology from Trafford Housing Trust

The chief executive of Trafford Housing Trust says the trust has made a 'full and sincere' apology to an employee who was demoted and given a final written warning after he expressed his opposition to gay marriage.

"We fully accept the court's decision and I have made a full and sincere apology to Adrian. At the time we believed we were taking the appropriate action following discussions with our employment solicitors and taking into account his previous disciplinary record.

"We have always vigorously denied allegations that the Trust had breached an employee's rights to freedom of religious expression under Human Rights and Equalities legislation and, in a written judgment handed down on 21st March 2012, a district judge agreed that these matters should be struck out.

"This has been a case about the interpretation of our code of conduct and the use of social media by our managers.

"This case has highlighted the challenges that businesses face with the increased use of social media and we have reviewed our documentation and procedures to avoid a similar situation arising in the future. Adrian remains employed by the Trust and I am pleased this matter has now concluded."

– Matthew Gardiner, Trafford Housing Trust chief executive


Christian in gay marriage case 'fearful of more cases'

A Christian who won a breach of contract court case after he was demoted for expressing his opposition to gay marriage says he fears there will be more court cases if 'marriage is redefined'.

“I have won today. But what will tomorrow bring? I am fearful that, if marriage is redefined, there will be more cases like mine – and if the law of marriage changes people like me may not win in court.

“Does the Prime Minister want to create a society where people like me, people who believe in traditional marriage, are treated as outcasts? That may not be his intention, but that’s what will happen.

“The Prime Minister should think very carefully about the impact of redefining marriage on ordinary people."

– Adrian Smith
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