Mum manslaughter charge

A woman from Burnley has appeared in court charged with the manslaughter of her four-month-old son after a television fell on top of him.

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Trial of mum accused of manslaughter continues

The trial continues of a mum accused of killing her baby. A court's heard Natalie McMillan, 25, dropped a TV on her son Kian while on drugs.

Jurors hear McMillan's 999 call. Her first words were not about her critically-injured baby, but "I was messing about with my telly".

McMillan, from Burnley, told a 999 operator she was "trying to put a scart lead in to watch a DVD" and the TV had "fallen over onto him".

Ambulance Technician Claire Welch went to Kian's aid. She tells jurors he had a blood filled swelling on his head and ineffective breathing.


Death of four-month-old was 'entirely preventable'

Hanratty, Kian's Dad, took Valium that night and passed out. Prosecutors say he knew McMillan was high and should've ensured Kian's safety.

McMillan later tested positive for heroin, valium and alcohol. Jurors hear she was incapable of care and showed "wilful indifference".

The prosecution say Kian's death was "not a tragic accident" but "an entirely preventable death".

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