Counterfeit goods

Members of a gang behind a multi-million pound conspiracy in Greater Manchester to manufacture, import and sell counterfeit goods have been sentenced. Four men were jailed, two others to community service.

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Police smash counterfeiting gang

Police say that the arrogance of a gang involved in a multi million pound counterfeiting operation helped to bring about their own downfall.

Counterfeiting on this scale requires serious organisation, established distribution channels and money. Judging by the swathes of boxes we seized that were stuffed with fake goods, it is clear this gang had set up a highly profitable criminal venture and were pocketing large sums of cash. However, their arrogance and mistaken belief they could act with impunity eventually cost them dear. The evidence was so overwhelming that they must have thought they would never be caught. But thanks to our officers their entire network came crashing down around them.

– Detective Constable Paul Yates and Detective Constable Sue Barker Greater Manchester Police


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