Boy suffers horrific facial injuries

Police release image of boy's badly injured face after he was set upon by a group of men.

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Boy suffers horrific attack

Police have released an image of a teenage boy's badly injured face after he was attacked by a gang of 12 men in Newton Heath. The 15-year-old boy suffered a broken arm and facial injuries in a possible case of mistaken identity. A 15-year-old girl suffered a fractured cheekbone.

The boy's mother said she could barely recognise him. "I cannot believe that a bunch of grown men would attack an innocent teenage boy like this. He wasn't involved in any sort of trouble but yet they waded in with their fists and weapons and didn't give him any chance to respond or defend himself."

The incident occurred at about 2.20pm on March 2 when the three cars pulled up on Briscoe Lane. The boy was attacked by up to four men who chased him onto Harringay Road. Police believe the incident may be linked to a dispute the previous evening in Newton Heath which neither victim was involved in.


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