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Liverpool IVF technology helping couples conceive

Technology being used here in the North West is transforming the lives of couples who previously couldn't conceive.

The Hewitt Fertility Centre in Liverpool is the first clinic in the world to use a new time-lapse technology system called Eeva, causing a revolution in IVF treatment.

As a result, they now have the highest pregnancy rates among IVF couples in the UK.

In the last of her series on maternity and childbirth in the North West, Mel Barham reports:


Midwife shortage

There's claim that midwives are being pushed to tipping point because there are just enough to cope with the rising number of births.

With England in the midst of a baby boom, there are warnings that new mums are being put at risk because midwives aren't able to give them the one to one care that they need.

Despite a 21% rise in the number of babies being born in the North West, midwife numbers actually fell by 4%. In the second of her special reports, Mel Barham looks at what effect that's having on care for new mums and just how the shortages are affecting midwives themselves.

Maternity services shake-up

There's been a huge shake-up of maternity services in Greater Manchester which could be extended to other parts of the region.

A hundred million pounds has been spent on new buildings and equipment, with maternity services being concentrated on eight hospitals, with specialist staff.

Health officials say it will be safer. But the new so-called supercentres are controversial, not least.

because it's meant the closure of four local maternity units. Here's Mel Barham with the first of our special reports.


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