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Every 49 minutes, a man dies of prostate cancer in the UK. ITV has launched the campaign "Stand by your Man" to highlight the disease.

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Prostate cancer survivors spark inspiration for film

A new film with an all-star cast is aiming to raise awareness of prostate cancer by telling the story of a cancer support group.

The inspiration behind the film comes from members of a real support group - one of many across the country - who meet in north London to speak about their experiences.

Between them they hope to encourage more men to talk openly about a disease that one in eight of all men will be diagnosed with at some point in their lives.

ITV News correspondent Lewis Vaughan Jones went to meet them:

Stand by your man

Stand By Your Man Campaign Credit: ITV

Every 49 minutes in the UK, a man dies of prostate cancer. ITV is launching a campaign called "Stand by your man" to highlight the disease. A series of features will be running all week on Granada Reports and on our website about the disease.

ITV have made a short film called Father's Day which is broadcast on Father's Day next Sunday night, featuring an all-star cast, and focusing on the issue of prostate cancer.


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  • Stand by your Man

    Every 49 minutes a man dies of prostate cancer in the UK. ITV's 'Stand by your Man' campaign is raising awareness of this killer disease