Shale gas exploration

Fast-tracked permits for controversial shale gas exploration will be offered as part of a £100 billion Government package aimed at kick-starting sluggish economic growth.

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Cuadrilla welcomes estimate of natural gas locked within the shale rock of Lancashire’s Bowland Basin

“The British Geological Survey's new resource estimate for the Bowland

Basin is fantastic news for Lancashire and the UK as a whole. It confirms

the huge natural gas volumes contained within the shale rock in our

exploration licence area. Successful development of this natural gas

resource will, we believe, significantly reduce the country's reliance on

imported coal and gas, create thousands of jobs, generate significant tax

revenues and exert downward pressure on domestic gas prices.

– Francis Egan, Cuadrilla Chief Executive


Friends of the Earth say Shale gas is not the solution to our energy problems

"Shale gas is not the solution to the UK's energy challenges. Its potential has been hugely over-hyped and there's little evidence it will drive down fuel prices.

"Extracting shale gas will have a significant effect on local communities and our environment - the more that's extracted, the bigger those impacts will be.

"The North could be at the heart of Britain's green energy and economic transformation, but not by turning it into another 'gaslands'.


– Tony Bosworth, Friends of the Earth Energy Campaigner

Energy Minister says Shale gas is an exciting new potential energy source for the UK

Shale gas could play an important part in our energy mix. The next step is for industry is to establish how much gas is technically and commercially recoverable.

With the package we've announced on planning, environmental regulations and community benefits, its clear that we want to encourage a shale industry that is safe and doesn't damage the environment.

– Michael Fallon, Energy Minister
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Tax breaks and shale gas set to help boost growth

Tax breaks and fast-tracked permits for controversial shale gas exploration are likely to form part of the multi-billion pound infrastructure package aimed at kick-starting sluggish economic growth. British reserves of the energy source are much higher than previously thought.

Shale gas rig at Banks, near Southport Credit: Press Association

Treasury Chief Secretary Danny Alexander will also reveal details of projects such as new road and rail capacity, science facilities and nuclear power stations, in a Commons statement.

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