NSPCC campaign to get parents talking to children about signs of sexual abuse

The new campaign follows high-profile cases such as that of Jimmy Saville and North West broadcaster Stuart Hall. The NSPCC is calling parents to talk to youngsters as young as five about what to look out for.

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Lancashire police back National NSPCC campaign

Lancashire police say they're pleased to be supporting this innovative campaign which aims to raise awareness about the importance of educating children about staying safe and speaking out.

We know that for many it can be a difficult topic to broach but prevention is always better than cure and we can’t underestimate the importance of those early conversations to make children aware of the dangers.

“One of the biggest challenges in the majority of cases involving children who have been sexually exploited is that many of those involved don’t think of themselves as victims. The men groom the victims into believing they are in a relationship them.

– Det Supt Ian Critchley, Head of Public Protection for Lancashire Constabulary

NSPCC launch campaign to help parents warn children of signs of sexual abuse

Bernadette Oxley, NSPCC Regional Head of Services for North West and Cumbria says parents want advice on how to speak to their children about staying safe. She says post the Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall cases children are asking questions and parents need to know handle them.

It's being supported by Lancashire police who say parents and carers should be aware and keep any eye out for warning signs such as changes in a child's behaviour.

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