Bid to stop tombstoning

South Lakeland District Council's Enforcement Team have stepped up patrols at Devils Bridge in Kirkby Lonsdale following recent reports of people ignoring the safety warnings and the bylaw that prohibits anyone from jumping off the bridge.

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Police warn of 'tombstoning' dangers

Cumbria Police are continuing to advise people about the dangers of jumping off Devil’s Bridge.

The warmer weather has led to an increase in people jumping of Devils Bridge in Kendal. This is an dangerous activity, as the water level has dropped resulting in more shallow water and an increased risk of hitting rocks and the river bed.

People who take risks such as these are putting their own lives and the lives of the rescue services at risk. Jumping off bridges into the river is completely senseless and dangerous act and could end up tragedy.

I urge people to please consider the consequences of jumping from the bridge, it is not safe and could end up resulting in serious injury. Don’t take the chance it is not worth the risk.

– Inspector David Stalker

Tombstoning warning in Cumbria

Emergency services are warning people about the dangers of jumping off bridges in the warm weather. Council bosses have stepped up patrols at a notorious tombstoning site in Cumbria.

This week footage emerged of people throwing themselves into the water at Devil's Bridge in Kirby Lonsdale - one man faces prosecution after being reported to police allegedly jumping off. This report from Sarah Rogers:


Patrols stepped up to stop tombstoning

Police and council bosses are stepping up patrols at Devils Bridge, a notorious hotspot for 'tombstoning.' It follows recent reports of people ignoring the safety warnings and the bylaw that prohibits anyone from jumping off the bridge.

On Thursday 11 July, a South Lakeland Enforcement Officer, witnessed a man jumping from the bridge at approximately 2.00pm and reported the matter immediately to the Police. The officer then spoke to the 24 year old man from Lancaster who was reported for contravening a bylaw.

A file will now be submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service who will decide what charges might be brought.

"The bylaw is in place for a reason to protect public safety. The sign at Devils Bridge makes it very clear that jumping off the bridge is extremely dangerous and illegal. I hope this action by Cumbria Police will deter other people from putting themselves and others at risk of serious injury. I also reinforce the message that members of the public and the local community must report anyone they see jumping off the bridge to the Police immediately."

– John Barwise, SLDC's Enforcement Officer.
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