Merseyside Police driving crack down

Merseyside Police has released the results of a four week campaign focused on drink and drug driving. 7000 drivers were breathalysed across Merseyside. Over 164 of those tested were either 'over the limit' or failed/ refused to take the test.

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Merseyside Police tackle drink and drug drivers

Merseyside Police has warned drivers that drinking and driving will not be tolerated after a campaign saw an increase in people failing breath tests. Of 7000 drivers tested for drugs and drink in a four- week operation over 164 were either 'over the limit' or failed/ refused to take the test.

"These results show our determination to stamp out drink driving in Merseyside..

"We’ve conducted more tests than ever, in the mornings and evenings to get our message across to drivers that both we and the road using public of Merseyside will not tolerate this behaviour.

"It’s disappointing that there’s been a corresponding increase in the number of drivers who choose to drink and drive and place themselves and other members of the public in danger".

Five per cent of drivers under the age of 25 who were tested failed the breathalyser test – that is double the overall average

– Chief Inspector John Hogan, Merseyside Police


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