Recycling plant fire

Around fifty firefighters are tackling a blaze at Bredbury Recycling Plant near Stockport. Emergency services have been there through the night. No one has been injured.

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Bredbury recycling fire aerial footage

The true damage the fire at a recycling plant in Stockport caused has been revealed after aerial shots of the site emerged. Crews are still dampening down in Bredbury following the blaze a week ago.

The majority of the flames are now out at the plant on Stockport road West but crews will remain for a few more days turning over hundreds of bales of waste to douse the rest.

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Crews still tackling recycling plant fire

The blaze started a week ago Credit: GMFRS

Firefighters are still tacking a blaze at a recycling plant in Bredbury, Stockport a week after it started.

All roads around Junction 25 Recycling in Stockport Road West are now open but four fire crews remain at the scene, changing over every five hours.

Crews at the scene of the blaze Credit: GMFRS

Scientists are also still monitoring the air quality in the area, and residents are being asked to keep doors and windows closed.

Incident Commander, Station Manager Chris Mycock said: “Crews are continuing to work with site staff who are digging out quantities of burning waste for us to extinguish.

“We currently have four fire engines at the incident and are now using local water supplies. This means the main roads near to the site can remain open.

“It’s likely we could remain here for a number of days to come.”


Fire crews could remain at Stockport blaze for days

Fire crews could remain at a recycling plant in Stockport for up to a week or more tackling a blaze that started yesterday.

At its height, 50 firefighters fought the flames at the plant on Stockport Road West in Bredbury.

They brought the fire - which involved several hundred tonnes of recycled paper and plastic - under control and began dampening down and turning over the burnt waste to try and eliminate hot spots.

Overnight, 35 firefighters tackled the deep seated blaze and continue this morning.


Ashton Road is likely to remain closed today as firefighting operations continue.

Scientists are working to test the dust and debris that is settling and anyone who is affected by smoke is asked, as a precaution to keep doors and windows closed.

The fire is still burning away but during the hours of darkness we had to pull our crews back a little for safety reasons but we continued to put a large amount of water on the fire from above.

“It’s always more difficult during the hours of darkness and the biggest risk was the bales of waste which could easily collapse, so I had to put firefighter safety first.

“The smoke plume has dropped down slightly because of a switch in the weather and it’s blowing close to the M60 so we’re working closely with the Highways Agency to keep motorists safe.

– Group Manager Steve Sheridan

“We’ve also been working with local businesses to help them out this morning, helping vans get access to Smiths, they were able to get 700,000 newspapers delivered across Greater Manchester today.”

– Group Manager Steve Sheridan

50 firefighters continue to tackle recycling plant blaze

50 firefighters continue to tackle a blaze at a recycling plant in Stockport 18 hours after the fire began.

Eight fire crews remain at the scene of the fire in Bredbury while firefighters also continue to fight the fire from above from aerial platforms.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service's control operators received a number of calls from 9.12pm on Tuesday, August 20, to report the blaze at the plant on Stockport Road West, behind Morrisons supermarket.

Soon after a further five fire engines were sent to the incident and at the height of the blaze around 50 firefighters worked to bring the blaze under control during the night.

Firefighters managed to contain the blaze by the morning and will be there for the next few days.


50 firefighters tackle blaze in Bredbury

Around 50 firefighters are tackling a blaze at a recycling plant in Bredbury. It broke out at around 9pm last night at the plant on Stockport Road West.

After working throughout the night, crews have managed to contain the fire and lift a number of the restrictions that were put in place.

As a precaution, people living near to the incident are advised to close doors and windows.

The road closures are currently as follows:

Ashton Road has reopened as far as the roundabout at the motorway junction.

Businesses within the estate are open as usual but access is limited.

Old Moor Road is affected by the smoke plume and firefighting operations and as a result access is limited to essential access for businesses only.

Whitefield Road is also open for limited access for businesses.

We will certainly be here for longer than today. There is a large smoke plume going into the air and moving towards Tameside.

“The smoke plume not affecting the motorway but please take care when in the area.

“We were faced by a rapidly developing fire at a site of about 100m by 100m when we arrived after 9pm last night and have been working at the scene all night.

“Because of the efforts overnight, we were able to contain the fire and have been able to lift some of the road closures and restrictions that were put in place.”

– Area Manager Sean Booth
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