Two NW hospitals in Hepatitis probe

Two hospitals in the region are part of an NHS investigation launched after it was discovered that a retired obstetrics and gynaecology worker unknowingly had Hepatitis C. Burnley General Hospital and Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport.

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What is Hepatitis C?

  • Hepatitis C is a virus which can lead to inflammation of the liver and cause liver disease, and can even lead to cancer of the liver if left untreated
  • Most people are oblivious to the fact they are infected because the liver can still operate when damaged and the virus does not produce any obvious symptoms
  • Only once the liver becomes seriously damaged and symptoms occur do people visit their GP where it is diagnosed
  • The virus is transmitted through blood-to-blood contact, and very rarely through sexual intercourse
  • Infection is not passed on through social contact, kissing or sharing food or drink


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