Man dies at music venue

A man's died after collapsing at a music venue in Trafford. Five others have been admitted to hospital feeling unwell after taking a controlled drug.

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Charity worker's mother: 'Drugs destroy people's lives'

The parents of charity worker Nick Bonnie who died after collapsing at a Manchester nightclub have paid tribute to their son. The 30-year-old's death is suspected to be drugs related.

Andy and Pauline Bonnie told ITV News' Dan Rivers he "touched so many old and young".

Mrs Bonnie, a drugs rehabilitation worker, also appealed for people to avoid illegal substances.

"If anybody's thinking or offered or believes that it's a good thing to take drugs it isn't.

"Drugs destroy people's lives, the impact it's having for our family is a permanent one, and I don't think we'll never get over it...he was a special boy."

Family pay tribute to man who died at music event

Nick Bonnie with his girlfriend Leah Credit: GMP

The family of the man who died after collapsing at a music venue in Trafford have paid tribute to him.30 year old Nick Bonnie from Gloucestershire died at the weekend after becoming ill at a club in Trafford. His family say his death has devastated them.

Police are investigating Nick Bonnie's death Credit: GMP

They go on to say that, "Nick was known by many as having a big heart, big personality and the most infectious smile ..... Our lives and all those who were blessed to share a part in his life, are broken. Our life will never be the same without Nick and he will never be forgotten."

Tribute to man who died at music event

Tributes have been paid to a Princes Trust manager who died after becoming ill at a music event in Greater Manchester. Tests are underway to find out why Nick Bonnie died, and at least 15 others were hospitalised this weekend, after going to the Warehouse Project in Trafford.

“We are deeply saddened to hear this news. Nick was a talented and valued colleague and he will be missed. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends at this difficult time.”

– A spokesperson from The Prince’s Trust


Man 'critical' after visit to music venue

A man's been admitted to hospital after it is suspected he swallowed a quantity of drugs at a music venue in Trafford.

It happened at the Warehouse Project, Trafford. In a separate incident a 30 year old man died after collapsing there early yesterday. Five others were taken ill.

In the latest incident the man was seen by security staff shortly before midnight.

He was detained and taken to a security cabin where they called the police.

Officers were called to the venue where they arrested a 25-year-old man for possession of class A drugs.

Police say it is suspected that he swallowed a quantity of drugs that had been in his possession.

He was taken to Salford Royal Hospital where his condition was initially described as critical and he is still undergoing treatment.

“The main point to get across is you do not know what is in the drugs you are taking and the potential effects they can have.

“A number of other people had to receive treatment last night after taking drugs at the venue, both from the onsite medical team and at local hospitals.

“At this stage in the investigation we do not know what this man has consumed but this will form part of our enquiries.

“We will be speaking to the venue’s management to review the security at the premises but ultimately individuals need to recognise the risks they are taking when they use drugs."

– Chief Superintendent Mark Roberts, divisional commander for Trafford

Drugtakers warned they are dicing with death

Police say the man who died after taking drugs at a dance event in Manchester had consumed an unknown white powder.

Four of his friends were also taken to hospital.

They've told detectives that they bought their drugs inside the Warehouse Project at the club's opening party.

One woman, who was not with that group and who had bought her drugs elsewhere, was also taken to hospital for treatment after collapsing inside the venue in Old Trafford.

"We believe from the accounts of the gentlemen's friends that they purchased it in the club. Whatever they believed it to be it clearly wasn't, it was dangerous.

"There was a lady as well who was at the same event and we believe she had taken a substance as well but from a different source.

"The message has got to be that whatever it is, you are really dicing with death when you take this stuff. You don't know what it is. We've got two incidents where someone's been seriously ill and in one case someone has died. It really isn't worth the risk."

– Chief Supt Mark Roberts, divisional commander for Old Trafford
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